Heat and Mass Transfer Area Examination

The examination will consist of problems covering the basics of heat and mass transfer as taught in ME 315. The total duration of the examination will be three hours and will be entirely “closed-book” and “closed-notes” in nature.  An equation sheet outlining the most relevant heat and mass transfer relations will be provided.  No other resources will be permitted during the examination.

A list of specific subjects is given below. A good review for this examination would be a review of the texts and homework problems used in ME 315.

Specific subjects covered in ME 315 and included in the examinations are:

  • Heat Transfer by Diffusion
  • Heat Transfer by Convection
  • Mass Transfer by Convection
  • Heat Transfer by Radiation
  • Heat Transfer by Boiling and Condensation
  • Equipment Applications (i.e., heat exchangers, humidifiers, fins, etc.)
  • Multimode Heat and Mass Transfer Problems

Reference: Bergman T.L. and Lavine A.S., Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, 8th Ed., John Wiley and Sons, NY, 2017.