Heat and Mass Transfer Area Examination

The examination will consist of two parts:  a closed-book (closed-notes) and an open-book (open-notes) portion with problems covering the basics of heat and mass transfer as taught in ME 315. The total duration of the examination will be three hours. 

A list of specific subjects is given below. A good review for this examination would be a review of the texts and homework problems used in ME 315.

Specific subjects covered in ME 315 and included in the examinations are:

  • Heat Transfer by Diffusion
  • Heat Transfer by Convection
  • Mass Transfer by Convection
  • Heat Transfer by Radiation
  • Heat Transfer by Boiling and Condensation
  • Equipment Applications (i.e., heat exchangers, humidifiers, fins, etc.)
  • Multimode Heat and Mass Transfer Problems

Reference: Bergman T.L. and Lavine A.S., Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, 8th Ed., John Wiley and Sons, NY, 2017.