Controlled Thesis/Dissertation Process

If your thesis/dissertation has data subject to EAR, ITAR, NRC/DOE, and/or CUI, it must meet specific federal security requirements and cannot be submitted on the Hammer Research Repository. You, as well as your research advisor, should be aware if you need to follow these controlled guidelines, but if you have any questions, please reach out to

Purdue University’s Office of Research has released their Guidance Document for Controlled Thesis/Dissertation Submission Process.

Students who have controlled theses/dissertations should select an indefinite period of embargo and confidentiality on the Form 9. The faculty should not run the document through iThenticate, but will instead need to add a placeholder date of 12/31/20XX to bypass that requirement on the Form 9.

(Controlled theses/dissertations are required to be securely stored until approval from the sponsor is received to publish the information.  If/when the file is cleared for release by the Export Controls office, your faculty advisory should then run the document through iThenticate before it could be uploaded to HammerRR for publishing.)

Once you have deposited within Weber, you’ll need to email Nicole Barr,, to let her know it has been uploaded, so the Grad School can complete processing of your form 9, since they do not automatically get notified of submissions to Weber.