Where do Mechanical Engineering students go after they graduate?

According to our most recent senior exit survey (Spring 2023), here are where our ME students end up:

  • Average salary: $78,567
  • High salary: $131,500

Graduate School

Of the most recent graduating class, 21% continued onto graduate school, while 79% joined industry.

What industries do our grads join?

  • Aerospace & Defense: 28%
    (aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, NASA and private space companies, defense contractors, etc.)
  • Automotive: 14%
    (car and truck manufacturers, parts suppliers, etc.)
  • Energy: 14%
    (sustainable energy, petroleum, nuclear, chemical, batteries, etc.)
  • Consulting: 11%
  • Heavy Equipment: 8%
    (construction, HVAC and home technologies, off-road equipment, agriculture, etc.)
  • Biomedical: 6%
    (medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, biotech, etc.)
  • Other: 19%
    (manufacturing, consumer products, food and nutrition, electronics, research and development, sales, etc.)

Which companies hire ME grads?

Here are the top 25 companies that hire Purdue ME grads: