Managing Director Operations
Piller Group GmbH
MSME ’88, Dr.-Ing. '93

“When completing high-school I felt the best basic education and the most interesting field for a rewarding career would be engineering. Time has proven this to have been a good choice. The impact one can have as an engineer on products and business is tremendous. Today I am proud to lead a team of engineers and highly trained employees in production to develop and provide customers with solutions, they cannot find elsewhere in the world. The solid engineering education at Purdue proved to be a key milestone for my career in many aspects and I am honored by this nomination for an OME and the recognition of our fantastic mechanical engineering work at Piller.”

Dr. Detlev Seidel is Managing Director Operations of the Piller Group, the German based world leader for high-power, mission critical uninterrupted power supply systems, that run in all the modern data centers of large internet, banking and finance corporations, as well as in chip manufacturing or other sensible production processes.

Dr. Seidel began his mechanical engineering education at Hannover University, Germany, and came to Purdue in January 1987 as a Research Assistant in the Herrick Laboratories. After 18 months he received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering in the summer of 1988, focusing on vibrations, controls and numerical simulations. After a few months with Leybold Vacuum Products (PA) he went back to Hannover, to work as project engineer and research assistant at the Institute for Machine Tools and Production Engineering, specializing in condition monitoring and diagnosis systems, also publishing several papers in that area. During that time he was furthermore involved in several large European funded projects. Amongst them was the unique worldwide, intercontinental cooperation project on Holonic Manufacturing Systems, where he served as member of the project management team and chief editor of the final results report.

After receiving his Dr.-Ing. in 1993 from Hannover University, he started working for the Swiss based ABB corporation in various functions and locations. Dr. Seidel then joined Piller in 1999, to take over responsibility primarily in their development and production of highly specialized electrical machines and flywheel energy storage systems. Since 2007 he serves as managing director with responsibility for all R&D, production, supply management and project management. Piller focusses on high quality, high reliability and energy efficient power quality solutions for the industry, taking overall system responsibility for critical infrastructure of often more than 20-30 MegaWatts uninterrupted power. Piller is widely known as the manufacturer of the world’s largest commercially available flywheel energy storage system, PowerbridgeTM . Dr. Seidel is proud that his team is the first and only to make this technology a commercially viable business and solution for its customers. He also steers his team in development of solutions to be integrated with regenerative energy production.

Dr. Seidel has been a member of the German Engineering Society for more than 30 years and serves as member on the regional board of the employer federation.