President and CEO
Aero Engine Controls North America
MSME ’76

“I appreciate the consideration from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering for recognition as an OME recipient. I’m thrilled to receive this prestigious award. The opportunity to receive my MSME degree from Purdue’s School of Mechanical Engineering has been instrumental in allowing me to experience a rewarding career in aerospace propulsion. Additionally, I’ve been fortunate enough to maintain regular contact with the ME school and see the progress, including a new facility. I will continue to be an ambassador for Purdue so that others can benefit as I have.”

Mr. Dennis E. Warner is President and CEO of Aero Engine Controls North America. He graduated from Purdue with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering in 1973 and a master’s in mechanical engineering in 1976.

Mr. Warner began working his way up the ranks at Rolls-Royce shortly after he started his freshman year at Purdue in 1969, taking on a variety of engineering roles before transitioning to program management in 1998. He began working at Rolls-Royce as an undergraduate co-op and has been with the company ever since.

Upon completion of his bachelor’s degree at Purdue, Mr. Warner found himself directly involved with the aeronautical side of the company. However, after pursuing his master’s degree in mechanical engineering, as his responsibilities began to grow he transitioned to serve as the interface between the manufacturing and business divisions of the company.

From 2002 to 2006, Mr. Warner was the Vice President of Customer Operations for Rolls-Royce. Starting in 2006, he assumed the business responsibility for the production engines for multiple defense contracts as the Vice President of Production Programs for Rolls-Royce, a role he held until he assumed his current position with Aero Engine Controls North America in 2009. These key defense contracts included Lockheed Martin, Bell/Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Alenia.

Now, as the President and CEO of Aero Engine Controls North America, part of a worldwide joint venture company between Rolls- Royce and Goodrich Corp. that formed in 2009, Mr. Warner is responsible for establishing a fully capable engine controls company which operates as both a distinct company and an integral part of the global Aero Engine Controls business. He is also a member of the Senior Leadership Team, which takes responsibility for developing and implementing business strategies and for ensuring that the company maintains full compliance to the special security agreement.

Mr. Warner is a member of the Rolls-Royce Project Management Council and chairs the Indianapolis Project Management Council. As part of these responsibilities, he oversees the Rolls-Royce/ Penn State Project Management Professional Development Program providing Rolls-Royce employees the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in program management. He serves as the University Business Executive at Purdue on behalf of Rolls-Royce.

Mr. Warner was a 2009 recipient of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award. He also received the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus award from the College of Engineering in 2012 in recognition of his technical and managerial leadership for numerous important engine programs for both defense and commercial applications.