Purdue ME grad students receive fellowships and scholarships

The School of Mechanical Engineering just announced recipients for several graduate-level departmental fellowships and scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Kai-Chieh Chiang: 2022 Richard C. Chu Memorial Scholarship

Richard C. Chu Memorial Scholarship is awarded to graduate students pursuing advanced studies in the school, with a preference for students that completed an undergraduate degree from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. Kai-Chieh Chiang is a Ph.D. student advised by Marisol Koslowski, and is studying semiconductor packaging.

Nikhil Sharma and Vahidullah Taç: 2022 Ben M. Hillberry Graduate Scholarship

The Ben M. Hillberry Graduate Scholarship is sponsored by the students and friends of Professor Ben M. Hillberry in honor of his years of dedication to the School of Mechanical Engineering. The scholarship is for ME graduate students with a preference for students studying in biomechanics or materials. Nikhil Sharma is pursuing a Ph.D. in experimental & numerical study of chemo-mechanics in lithium-ion batteries, under Kejie Zhao. Vahidullah Taç is working with Adrian Buganza Tepole on a Ph.D. involving artificial intelligence in biomedical imaging.

Debanjali Chatterjee: 2022 Hommert Engineering Excellence Fellowship 

The Hommert Engineering Excellence Fellowship goes to an outstanding female graduate student enrolled in Mechanical Engineering who has provided excellent service to the School or Purdue community. This fellowship is funded from the estate of Paul and Elizabeth Hommert. Dr. Hommert is a Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Alumnus and Director Emeritus of Sandia National Laboratories. Debanjali Chatterjee is a 2nd-year Ph.D. student working with Partha Mukherjee on studying the kinetics-transport-mechanics interplay in solid-state battery electrode-electrolyte interfaces using physics-based and data-driven techniques.

Xiaokang Wang: 2022 R. H. Kohr Graduate Student Fellowship

The R. H. Kohr Graduate Student Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering is funded by the R. H. Kohr Educational Memorial Fund in memory of Mechanical Engineering professor Dr. Kohr, who died in a plane crash in 1969. The Fellowship will support ME graduate students in the general areas of simulation, which was Dr. Kohr’s main field of academic interest. Xiaokang Wang is a Ph.D. student studying mechanics of conductive polymeric materials with Kejie Zhao.

Vaidyanath Harinarayana: 2022 Warren and Judy Stevenson Graduate Scholarship

The Warren and Judy Stevenson Graduate Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering encourages mechanical engineering graduate students to study and pursue research in areas related to applied optics. Vaidyanath Harinarayana is a Master's student with Yung Shin, focused on one-photon polymerization and two-photon polymerization in additive manufacturing of micro and nanoscale three-dimensional structures using femtosecond lasers.