Attention postdocs: start your career with a Gilbreth Fellowship!

The Gilbreth Postdoctoral Fellowships at Purdue Engineering will pay promising postdoc researchers $70,000 a year to conduct groundbreaking research at Purdue.

Named after groundbreaking industrial engineer Dr. Lillian Gilbreth, this two-year program is designed to attract recent PhD graduates who conduct interdisciplinary research that moves the world forward. Mechanical Engineers are well represented, as the last two recipients have worked on ME projects.

Deadline to apply for the 2022 cohort is October 31, 2021.

Learn more about the Gilbreth Fellowships, and browse through these projects led by Purdue ME professors:

Adaptive and Multimodal Transparency for Real-Time Collaborative Human-Machine Interactions (Neera Jain)

Dynamic Large-Eddy Simulation of Hypersonic Turbulence under High-Enthalpy Flow Conditions with New High Mach Capabilities (Carlo Scalo)

Electrohydrodynamics of drops: tips, singularities, and new frontiers in emulsions in engineering, medicine and materials science (Ivan Christov)

Interfacial ferrofluid dynamics: Towards controllable behavior of active and responsive fluids (Ivan Christov)

Mechanics of Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors (Kejie Zhao)

Separations of micro and nano particle suspensions in viscoelastic fluids (Arezoo Ardekani)

Thermal Transport and Control in Symmetry-Breaking Quantum Materials and Devices (Xianfan Xu)

Revolutionary turbines for clean propulsion (Guillermo Paniagua / Guang Lin)

Wearable Bioelectronics for Continuous Glaucoma Monitoring (Chi Hwan Lee)

Integrated, Scalable Design Prototyping Process to Improve the Specific Power Efficiency of Radars (Justin Weibel)

Monitoring contamination in continuous manufacturing of vaccines (Arezoo Ardekani)

Bone Hydration to Reduce Microcracking and Fracture Risk (Thomas Siegmund)

Multi-Scale Biomechanics and Mechanobiology of Hyaluronan-Rich Tissues (Eric Nauman)

Digital Twin Driven Additive Manufacturing: An enabling tool for accelerated deployment of additive manufacturing to industrial applications (Yung Shin)

Interfacial Mechanics of Direct Write Additive Manufacturing of Particle Suspensions (Jeff Rhoads)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Enabled Rapid Nanoscale 3D Printing (Xianfan Xu / Guang Lin)


Learn more about the Gilbreth Fellowships!