Class Registration Guide

As an incoming Online Master's student, you should register for classes as soon as you are able, since many classes fill up quickly. Spring 2021 registration will open on November 16, 2020 and run through 5:00 pm on November 20; it will then reopen on December 3.

  • Check the list of Available Online Courses as to what is available.  Before you’ll be able to register, you’ll need to access this restricted site to find the CRN’s associated with the course(s) you’re interested in taking.  You will need to log in using your Career Account and password.  (If you are unable to access the restricted list, or if you do not find the course listed, please contact Sheri Tague as to the course number/title you are interested in taking so that it can be determined if it is an acceptable POS course, and the correct CRN can be released.)  The courses on this restricted site are available only to MSME online students at the rate of $750/credit hour.  Do not share this list, as only online MSME students are eligible to enroll in these monitored sections.
  • Email your temporary advisor to determine if the courses you selected are appropriate. Once approved, use your PIN to enter your registration through myPurdue.
  • Log in to retrieve your PIN number at (do not try to retrieve your PIN from within MyPurdue).  Please note:  If you attempt to retrieve your PIN, but get an error message that you are not in the system, please try again after Friday, as the PIN report is updated weekly on Fridays.  If you still have issues, please send a screenshot of the error message.
  • Register for classes in myPurdue. It is not expected for online students to register for full-time.  Usually online students take 1-2 courses a semester.  If you want to take classes during the summer time, you might take math or statistics courses as there’s not usually a lot of engineering courses available.  You can use the scheduling assistant to register, but you need to make sure you are registering for the specific CRN’s (obtained from the procedure above), that have been created for the ME Online Master’s program.  If you get an error message that you do not have the appropriate “cohort” code, please contact Sheri Tague for assistance.
  • Double-check your registration ("Concise Student Schedule") once it is entered.
  • Purdue online courses are available in two delivery modes—edX and Brightspace.  You can access Brightspace with your Purdue Career account/password.  Exams within Brightspace courses will need to be proctored, and the registration process confirms your intention to enroll in the semester and will enable you to set up your exam proctor. If you’re taking courses in edX, you’ll need to set up your edX learner account through Purdue.  Click here to create your edX student account. Once the account is created, you will be able to navigate the platform and view your courses.     

Course Selection Advice for New Graduate Students

Selecting your graduate courses involves your personal career goals, and the ME and Graduate School requirements. ME’s online students are considered to be Non-thesis MS students. This document is intended to assist new online MS students with the curriculum requirements.

Summary of Online ME Master’s Course Requirements

  • MS non-thesis: 30 credit hours (usually 10 courses) that are graduate-level and meet the definition of technical and quantitative, and make up:
    • 6 hours of applied math.  (3 credits must be from the math department, the other 3 can be from the approved applied math course listing.)
    • 15 hours of ME courses.  (Can be from same research area or various areas.)
    • 9 hours of tech elective courses.  (These can be from other technical engineering schools, math, or science.)
    • At any time, if you’re unsure that a course will qualify for your plan of study coursework, please check with the ME Grad office.

Note: graduate level courses at Purdue are numbered 50000 and 60000. Courses numbered 40000 or below are undergraduate level and will not be allowed on the Purdue ME plans of study.

The Plan of Study

You can begin developing your Plan of Study after the first week of classes. The Plan of Study is a formal document required by the Purdue Graduate School that identifies your advisory committee, degree objective and your courses. It will be entered on-line.

ME requires that all courses on your Plan of Study must be “technical and quantitative in content.” They can be from schools outside of ME, e.g., from other Schools of Engineering, the School of Science and Math Department. When in doubt, check with the ME Graduate Office, before enrolling.

Advice on Selecting Courses

Using the Available Online Courses, prepare a list of all courses of interest to you. Select the appropriate semesters to ‘look forward’ to the next semester, and ‘look backward’ to previous semesters to get a more complete picture of all courses offered for the whole year. Read the course descriptions carefully and take note of which semester(s) the course is offered. Organize this list into a semester-by-semester table, carefully noting the semesters (Spring, Summer, Fall) when courses are offered.

Very few graduate courses are offered during the summer. This is particularly true of ME, where typically none are offered in the summer. However, a number of Math (MA) courses are offered in the summer. Factor this into your planning.

You do not have to take the applied math courses first. The ME requirement for 2 math courses does not mean they must be taken in any particular semester. It may be advantageous to wait to take a math course, perhaps to give you options for summer courses.


ME Graduate Office
585 Purdue Mall (Room 1003)
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-5730