Not Allowable courses

Please find below, courses that can be taken as personal enrichment, but are not allowable to meet degree requirements for the ME Online Degree Program. This list is not all-inclusive, so if you don't see a course listed on the allowable technical elective course list, or below, please email, the course abbreviation/number/title for status.

AAE 590 Space Flight Operations
AAE 590 System Safety & Reliability
BME 521 Biosensors:   Fundamentals and Applications
BME 553 Biomedical Optics
BME 556 Clinical Medicine
BME 561 BME 56100 - Preclinical and Clinical Study Design
BME 562 Regulatory Issues Surrounding Approval of Biomedical Devices
BME 563 Quality Systems for Regulatory Compliance
BME 564 Ethical Engineering of Medical Devices
BME 595 Medical Imaging Diagnostic Tech
BME 683 Polymers Pharma & Biol Sys
CE 597 Global Sustainable Engineering
CE 597 UAS Based Mapping Basic Principles
CE 597 UAS Based Photogrammetric Mapping
CE 597 UAS Based LiDAR Mapping
CE 597 Plastics in Infrastructure and the Environment
CE 597 Disasters and Emergencies
CE 597 Smart Logistics & Supply Chains
CEM 597 Requirements & Implementation of ISO 41001
CEM 597 High Tech Entrepreneurship
CHE 597 Analytical Approach to Healthcare Delivery
ECE 595 An Introduction to Data Analysis, Design of Experiment & Machine Learning
ECE 595 Communication for Engineering Leaders
ECE 595 Natural Language Processing
ENE No courses from engineering education are allowable to meet degree requirements
GRAD No courses starting with 'GRAD' are allowable to meet ME degree requirements
IE 558 Safety Engineering
IE 566 Job Design
IE 590 Project Management
IE 590 Human Factors & Medical Devices
IE 590/IE 595 Risk Analytics for Eng Mgmt & Public Policy
MSE 597 Lean Manufacturing
PHYS 560 Stellar Evolution
STAT 540 Mathematics of Finance
STAT 597 Data Mine I or II
STAT 598 Data Science I or II
SYS 590 Systems Engineering Processes & Professional Competencies
TECHNOLOGY  No courses from technology are allowable to meet ME degree requirements
TDM 511 Data Mine


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