Independent Study Courses ("Variable Title")

To register for a course with a variable title (such as an independent study), you need to submit your request using the scheduling assistant (the Form VT is no longer used). For instructions, please watch the YouTube video "How to Request a Variable Title Course."  Please only select grad-level variable title course numbers ME 597 or ME 697, as directed by your instructor, even though other options may appear in the drop-down menu.

The request will route through the workflow and your instructor will need to approve the request first, then your academic advisor and department designee will approve in the system. The registrar’s office will be the final approver. Once the registrar’s office has approved and it posts to your schedule, you need to confirm that everything posted as expected, as changes can be made during the approval process.  For instructions on how to verify your request, please watch the YouTube video "How to confirm the creation of a Variable Title Course request" and make sure that everything posted as you expected.

(Please note:  This process is for Variable Title course requests only, not Research Registration.  Please see the page for Research Registration.)

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