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Gatewood First Floor Plan

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Gold areas are available for naming, shaded areas are no longer available.

The Rapid Prototype Laboratory (in PEARL*) - $250,000
With your gift of $250,000, you will go down in history as your name is put on the Rapid Prototyping Lab. This laboratory will provide space for product dissection, fabrication, measurement and validation, learning modules, component and materials information searches, state-of-the-art computer aided design hardware and software, and product realization equipment for rapid prototyping by our students and faculty.  (Room 1191)

Prototyping and Assembly Lab (in PEARL*) - $500,000
Hands-on prototyping will be made easier with the Prototyping and Assembly Lab, and with a gift of $500,000 you could make a significant impact on Mechanical Engineering at Purdue forever. This room will include mechanical and electronic assembly as well as measurement and performance testing.  This flexible space will be utilized for the assembly of prototypes and also for the evaluation of products and equipment associated with industry-sponsored projects.  (Room 1203)

*The Caterpillar Product Engineering and Realization Laboratory