2019 NSF Workshop for Engineering Design and Systems Engineering (EDSE): October 7-8, 2019, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana


Please visit Agenda for presentations and videos of the talks from the workshop.

A summary of the workshop is available here.

The objective of this workshop is to develop and articulate research issues and methodologies in engineering design and systems engineering (EDSE) for high impact in the emerging workplace and society.

Recently, there has been tremendous technological progress in automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. These technological advances are changing the environment in which engineering designers work, the kinds of activities they perform, the kinds of products they design, the information they have access to, and the way in which they interact with machines, and communicate with each other. Emerging technologies are not only enabling new types of products and systems, but also new ways of designing them. The workshop will provide a forum to foster dialog among leading experts on how EDSE research can leverage the new opportunities, and what the critical research challenges are. The dialog would enable the convergence of diverse perspectives from the EDSE research community, the foundational sciences, and application domains. The convergence is essential for ensuring that EDSE research builds on the latest methodological developments, and for building stronger connections with application domains where EDSE research has potential for significant societal impact.

The workshop will build on the outcomes of prior workshops, and will focus on the research implications of the emerging trends in the workplace within which future engineers will work, and the societal context for which new products and systems will be designed in the future. The expected outcomes of the workshop include the identification of ways for enhancing the impact of the EDSE-funded research, the determination of new basic research opportunities with high potential impact, and the establishment of high quality research standards to maximize individual and collective impact.

The workshop is made possible through funding by the National Science Foundation award #1916088.

For questions about the workshop, please contact: Jitesh Panchal • panchal@purdue.edu