Faculty Opportunities

The centerpiece of the College of Engineering Strategy for Impact is the opportunity to grow our faculty by as many as 107 through the Purdue Moves initiative. We are well on our way to filling the majority of these positions. This is an opportunity for transformational change, as we amplify the strengths that are embodied in our current faculty and look to what future opportunities we can create through bold hiring.

We have hired faculty as part of disciplinary unit-based searches, preeminent teams, strategic opportunities, and dual career hires. For the 2015-16 academic year, many (but not all) of our faculty positions will be part of our preeminent teams as described below.

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School and Division Positions

The following represent faculty positions of varying levels within the designated school or department. Some schools seeking faculty in specialty areas have multiple positions listed. Click on a position to learn more.

Preeminent Teams

What areas will define Purdue Engineering research in the next decade?  Building Preeminent Teams is a research-centric approach to faculty hiring that asks: How would you put your research expertise and leadership skills to use to form a team (approximately 4-8 current + new faculty) to catapult your research area, or an emerging research area of potential, to international preeminence? What existing faculty expertise and infrastructure exist at Purdue and what is still needed to maximize our potential for success in this area? These investment areas are being developed through a public process akin to that where entrepreneurs pitch a proposal to venture capitalists, and is part of the College's ongoing theme of bringing characteristics of the entrepreneurial world to the research world. Criteria for the Preeminent Teams competition included:

  1. Strong Leadership in multiple dimensions, including organizational and technical leadership
  2. Promise of preeminence (being in the top 1-5)
  3. Promise of transformative impact
  4. Potential for collaboration
  5. Potential and strategies for sustainable research funding from diverse sectors
  6. Contribution to the education enterprise
  7. Contribution to innovation and entrepreneurship
  8. Leveraging existing strengths and infrastructure

View our Preeminent Teams page for a detailed description of each team.

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Purdue University is an equal opportunity /equal access /affirmative action employer fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce.