Faculty Opportunities

The centerpiece of the CoE Strategic Growth plan is the opportunity to grow our number of faculty members by as many as 107.  Taking into account retirements and departures, over the next several years we expect to conduct searches for approximately 150 faculty members, or at least 30 faculty members per year, including the 30 “immediate needs/immediate opportunities” searches conducted in 2012-13 (the first year of the five-year expansion plan). This is an opportunity for transformational change, as we amplify the strengths that are embodied in our current faculty and look to what future opportunities we can create through bold hiring.

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Preeminent Teams

Building Preeminent Teams is a research-centric approach to faculty hiring that asks: How would you put your research expertise and leadership skills to use to form a team (approximately 4-8 current + new faculty) to catapult your research area, or an emerging research area of potential, to international preeminence? These investment areas were developed through a public process akin to that where entrepreneurs pitch a proposal to venture capitalists. The selected proposals were allocated faculty lines, space, and other resources necessary to set the prospective team on the path to preeminence.

On November 7, 2013, The College of Engineering announced faculty hiring aimed at creating preeminent teams in the following 4 areas:

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