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Machine learning to automatically identify earthquake damage


Mechanics & Vibration   

Gauging the Solid Mechanics of pharmaceutical tablets. Diagnosing a faulty gearbox. Measuring the flexibility of the human spine. Testing the strength of a bridge girder. Characterizing the fatigue of a nano-material. What do they have in common? The disciplines of Mechanics, which underpin everything in engineering.  That’s why Purdue hosts world-class research in the field.

Both computational models and experimental results shape our knowledge of how materials respond to forces, whether on the macro or micro scale. This research spans many fields and disciplines, as researchers collaborate with Aeronautical, Biological, Chemical, Civil, and Materials Engineering to blaze new trails in the field of mechanics.

Mechanical response of energetic materials used in improvised explosive devices (IEDs)


Chemomechanics in lithium ion batteries


Microstucture of ultrafine grained materials
Thin film mechanics
Fatigue and fracture in solder joints