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Concussion research on football helmets



Orthopedics. Tissue modeling.  Even the future of robotic microsurgery. Purdue’s focus on Bioengineering brings many disciplines together at world-class facilities.  Biomechanics can be tested on a human scale, while cutting-edge disease detection and treatment can be explored on the nanoscopic level.  Whether it’s the impact of a car seat on someone’s posture, or the impact of pharmacology on microorganisms, Purdue researchers are at the forefront of Bioengineering.

Bioresorbable metals for orthopedic implants


Mechanically reinforced skin-electronics with networked nanocomposite elastomer

Bindley Research Center seen from outside

The Birck Nanotechnology Center plus the Bindley Bioscience Center combines the world's largest academic cleanroom with the latest in bioengineering technology.