Gregory M. Shaver

Gregory Shaver

Director of Herrick Labs, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University
585 Purdue Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2088

Office: HLAB 2014

Phone: +1 765 49-16052


  • Ph.D. Stanford, '05
  • M.S. Stanford, '04
  • B.S. Purdue, '00

Research Interests

  • Model-based system and control design of commercial vehicle power trains
  • Connected and automated commercial vehicles
  • Internal combustion engine & after-treatment system design and controls
  • Flexible valve actuation in diesel and natural gas engines

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2014 Early Career Excellence in Research Award, Purdue University College of Engineering
  • 2014 University Faculty Scholar
  • 2011 Max Bentele SAE Award for Engine Technology Innovation
  • 2000 Graduated with highest distinction, Purdue University (4.0 in Mech. Engr. coursework)

Selected Publications

Xing Jin, Ashish Vora, Vaidehi Hoshing, Tridib Saha, Greg Shaver, Edwin Garcia, Oleg Wasnyczuk, and Subbarao Varigonda, Physically-Based Reduced-Order Capacity Loss Model for Graphite Anodes in Li-Ion Battery Cells, Journal of Power Sources, 342, 750-761, 2017

Mrunal Joshi, Dheeraj Gosala, Cody Allen, Kalen Vos, Matthew Van Voorhis, Alex Taylor, Greg Shaver, James McCarthy Jr., Dale Stretch, Edward Koeberlein, and Lisa Farrell, Reducing Diesel Engine Drive Cycle Fuel Consumption Through Use of Cylinder Deactivation to Maintain Aftertreatment Component Temperature During Idle and Low Load Operating Conditions, 3, 2017

Ashish Vora, Xing Jin, Vaidehi Hoshing, Tridib Saha, Greg Shaver, Subbarao Varigonda, Oleg Wasynczuk, and Wallace Tyner, Design-Space Exploration of Series Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Medium-Duty Truck Applications in a Total Cost-of-Ownership Framework, Applied Energy, 202, 662-672, 2017

Dheeraj B Gosala, Aswin K Ramesh, Cody M Allen, Mrunal C Joshi, Alexander H Taylor, Matthew Van Voorhis, Gregory M Shaver, Lisa Farrell, Edward Koeberlein, James McCarthy Jr, and Dale Stretch, Diesel Engine Aftertreatment Warm-Up Through Early Exhaust Valve Opening and Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation During Idle Operation, 2017

Chuan Ding, Leighton Roberts, David Fain, Aswin Ramesh, Greg Shaver, James McCarthy Jr., Michael Ruth, Edward Koeberlein, Eric Holloway, and Doug Nielsen, Fuel Efficient Exhaust Thermal Management for Compression Ignition Engines During Idle via Cylinder Deactivation and Flexible Valve Actuation, International Journal of Engine Research, 17(6), 619-630, 2016

Lyle Kocher, Carrie Hall, Karla Stricker, David Fain, and Dan Van Alstine, Robust Oxygen Fraction Estimation for Conventional and Premixed Charge Compression Ignition Engines with Variable Valve Actuation, Control Engineering Practice, 29, 2014

Michael Bunce, David Synder, Gayatri Adi, Carrie Hall, Jeremy Koehler, Bernabe Davila, Shankar Kumar, Phanindra Garimella, Donald Stanton, and Greg Shaver, Optimization of Soy-Biodiesel Combustion in a Modern Diesel Engine, Fuel 90(8), 2011

Chris Satkoski and Greg Shaver, Piezoelectric Fuel Injection: Pulse-to-Pulse Coupling and Flow Rate Estimation, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 16(4), 627-642, 2011

Aman Yadav, Greg Shaver, and Peter Meckl, Lessons learned: Implementing the Case Teaching Method in a Mechanical Engineering Course, Journal of Engineering Education, 99(1), 55-69, 2010

Greg Shaver, Matt Roelle, and J Christian Gerdes, Modeling Cycle-to-Cycle Dynamics and Mode Transition in HCCI Engines with Variable Valve Actuation, Control Engineering Practice, 14(3), 213-222, 2006