Andrea Vacca

Andrea Vacca

MAHA Fluid Power Systems Assistant Professor, joint with Agricultural and Biological Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University
585 Purdue Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2088
Phone: +1 765 430-0081


  • M.S., University of Parma (Italy), '99
  • Ph.D., University of Florence (Italy), '05

Research Interests

  • Modeling and simulation of hydraulic systems
  • Modeling and testing of pumps and motors for fluid power applications
  • Hydraulic valves modeling and testing
  • Reduction of noise emissions in fluid power systems

Research Area(s)

Research Links

Ten Select Publications

Cristofori D., Vacca A., 2011, The Modeling of Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Valves, accepted for publication on ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control (publication expected in 2011) IMPACT FACTOR: 0.840; 5-YEAR IMPACT FACTOR: 0.992 (source: JCR web, May 2011)

Vacca A., Guidetti M., 2011, Modelling and Experimental Validation of External Spur Gear Machines for Fluid Power Applications, Elsevier Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 19 (2011) 2007–2031 IMPACT FACTOR: 0.799; 5-YEAR IMPACT FACTOR: 0.924 (source: JCR web, May 2011)

Campanella G., Vacca A., 2011, Modellazione numerica di un distributore Flow Sensing (in italian), Oleodinamica e Pneumatica, Tecniche Nuove, Milano, n.8 Settembre 2011.

Casoli P., Greco M.,Vacca A., Lettini A., 2011, Sistema telemetrico per l’acquisizione della pressione nel vano (in italian), Oleodinamica e Pneumatica, June 2011, Tecniche Nuove, Milano, Italy

Vacca, A., Klop, R., Ivantysynova, M., 2010, A Numerical Approach for the Evaluation of the Effects of Air Release and Vapour Cavitation on Effective Flow Rate of Axial Piston Machines, International Journal of Fluid Power, Vol. 11, N.1, March 2010

Casoli, P., Vacca, A., Berta, G.L., 2009, A Numerical Procedure for Predicting the Performance of High Pressure Homogenizing Valves, Elsevier SIMPAT journal - Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory 18 (2010) 125–138 IMPACT FACTOR: 0.799; 5-YEAR IMPACT FACTOR: 0.924 (source: JCR web, May 2011)

Vacca, A., Bottazzi, A., 2009, Tecniche RSM per progettare una valvola limitatrice di pressione (in Italian), Oleodinamica-Pneumatica – Tecniche Nuove, Milano, n. 7 Luglio 2009

Vacca, A., Franzoni, G., Bonati, F., 2008, An Inclusive, System-Oriented Approach for the Study and the Design of Hydrostatic Transmissions: The Case of an Articulated Boom Lift, presented at 2008 SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress and Exhibition, October 7 - 9, 2008 Rosemont, IL, USA. Published in SAE Int. Journal of Commercial Vehicles vol. 1, April 2009 pp. 488-494

Bonati, F., Franzoni, G., Vacca, A., 2007, Trasmissioni Idrostatiche per Piattaforme Aeree Articolate (in italian), Oleodinamica-Pneumatica – Tecniche Nuove, Milano. N. 11 Dicembre 2007. Pubblished also in Fluid – Trasmissioni di Potenza n. 3 Maggio 2008

Vacca, A., Cerutti, M., 2007, Analysis and Optimization of a Two-Way Valve Using Response Surface Methodology, International Journal of Fluid Power, Vol. 8, N. 3, November 2007, pp. 43-59