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Hector Gomez wins award for computational mechanics

Hector Gomez, associate professor of mechanical engineering, has won the Gallagher Young Investigator Award at the recent meeting of the United States Association for Computational Mechanics (USACM) in Montreal.

Gomez' research is to develop new modeling and computer-based simulation techniques to address a number of problems in engineering, physics and life sciences. Particular research interests include Computational Mechanics, Complex Fluids, Phase-field Methods, Biomechanics, Tumor-growth modeling, and Multiphase Flow.

The Gallagher Young Investigator Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments, particularly outstanding published papers, by researchers of 40 years or younger. The Gallagher medal and award are supported by John Wiley & Sons in recognition of Richard H. Gallagher, the founding editor of the "International Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering."

Hector Gomez' research: