CNN features Herrick Labs

CNN's Senior Medical Correspondent, Elizabeth Cohen, visited Herrick Labs in April to film a segment about the indoor air quality of bedding materials.

Brandon Boor, assistant professor of civil engineering, studies indoor air quality.  For the CNN story, he re-created an experiment that measures the amount of particulates that are aerosolized when we toss and turn in bed.  In Herrick Labs' Perception-Based Engineering lab, Elizabeth Cohen tossed and turned in a bed, while Prof. Boor monitored the particles that were suspended into the air.  He then offered some advice for people who want to keep their beds and bedding materials as clean as possible.

Brandon Boor, CNN's Elizabeth Cohen, and producer John Bonifield

Watch the story here:

Brandon's research can be found at  You can read more about his studies of air quality in bed at this Scientific American article.