Study Abroad Process & Timeline

Year 1

Year 2


  • Meet with your Mechanical Engineering Academic Advisor to discuss program interests, courses taken abroad, and how to adjust your Plan of Study.
  • Stop in to the Global Engineering Office [Wang Hall, Suite 4500] and/or the Study Abroad Office [Young Hall, Room 105] for additional information and questions.


  • During your registration appointment (for Fall courses) with your Academic Advisor, finalize program and adjust Plan of Study for your program.
  • Register for any required pre-departure courses during time ticket.
  • Begin application process for your study abroad program.
  • Meet with study abroad advisor and study abroad liaison (if necessary) for any course approvals.


  • Continue working on study abroad application process. Remember, most deadlines are September 15.

Year 3


  • Finish up any outstanding application items by deadline.
  • Register for your program during your time ticket.


  • Enjoy your Study Abroad program!