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Current Graduate Students

The graduate program in Purdue University's School of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and most distinguished in the United States. Over the years, the School has acquired an international reputation for excellence in its wide-ranging curriculum and diverse research activities.

Featured Student

Why is the grass green? Why do planets move? These are the types of questions that got Caroline Baker interested in science and math at a very young age. Caroline's father, a mechanical engineer, would answer her questions scientifically and it made her think, "If I learned enough math, I'll be able to describe why everything happens." This thought process has been a driving force ever since.

Caroline is a first-year doctoral student in the lab of Professor Marcial Gonzalez researching the microstructure formation of compacted granular materials. With a passion for chemistry, Caroline has always been interested in the tangible aspect of solid mechanics. In the lab of Professor Marcial Gonzalez at Purdue, Caroline and her colleagues are providing new insight into the behavior of materials and structures that enable design and optimization of manufacturing process and product performance in granular materials.

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