New Online Master's Student To-Do List

Welcome to Purdue!  We want to make sure you have all necessary accounts and accesses with Purdue established before the start of classes so you can focus on pursuing your educational goals. Please start completing the items listed below:

  1. Set up your Purdue Career Account (it will ask for your 10-digit PUID number, which is found on your admission letter).  You will use your career account to access myPurdue, Brightspace, and other portals.  Questions on your Purdue career account should be directed to our IT department,
  2. Set up your Boiler Key, starting with initial set-up and following the instructions.  If you need assistance, contact  You will need your Boiler Key, which provides two-factor identification, to access myPurdue, Brightspace, etc.  Questions on Boiler Key should be directed to
  3. Your Purdue email address is made up from your Purdue career account username.  The best way to access your Purdue email is through Office 365, which is free to Purdue students.  You are expected to use your Purdue email when communicating with offices, advisors, professors, teaching assistants, etc. at Purdue.  You should check your Purdue email frequently, as that is the only way you’ll receive notifications from Purdue. Questions on your Purdue email should be directed to itap@purdue.eduPlease note: for your first few weeks, you may also receive emails to the email address used with your application.
  4. As part of your Purdue Office 365 account, you have 1 TB of space on OneDrive.  You can use this to store course-related files and documents, and access them anywhere you have internet access.  To access OneDrive, log into Office 365 with your Purdue career account and password, and click OneDrive.
  5. myPurdue is the system you’ll use to update your personal information, see your current courses and transcript, register for courses, pay your tuition and fees manage any financial aid, and draft and submit your plan of study (POS). 
  6. You should update your emergency contact information and affirm your financial responsibility within myPurdue, to release holds put on your account by the graduate school. (These 2 holds are put on your account each semester, so please remember to address them in the future.)  If you have other holds on your account, you’ll need to contact the department that placed the holds to address removal of the hold.  Some holds affect registration, while others don’t.
  7. All new students, including online students, are required to complete the Respect Boundaries: Sexual Violence Awareness Program.  This will be available on your Brightspace account January 21, 2021.  For more information, see
  8. All ME Graduate Students, including online students, are required to complete online Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) certification before starting your first semester.  Upon completion of the CITI RCR training, you’ll receive a certificate, which needs to be submitted to both AND See the section:  HOW DO STUDENTS COMPLETE THE CITI ONLINE TRAINING REQUIREMENT? for directions on how to login and complete the requirements.  Previous students have shared that it takes from 90 minutes to two hours to complete all the modules.
  9. Access your PIN to register for classes, at  (Do not access your PIN off myPurdue.)  When you log in to access your PIN, you will use your Purdue Career account and password, not your BoilerKey login. (The PIN database is updated every week, on Fridays.  If you try to access your PIN and are told that you are not found in the system, please wait until after Friday to try again.  If at that time, you can’t retrieve your PIN, please email
  10. By default, Dr. Nicole Key will serve as your master’s committee chair for your advisory committee, but if you want to find a different professor for your committee chair, please reach out to ME faculty.  Sheri Tague will serve as your academic advisor and you can contact her for course registration and plan of study (POS) questions. 
  11. Check the list of Available Online Courses as to what is available.  Before you’ll be able to register, you’ll need to access this restricted site to find the Course Resource Numbers (CRNs) associated with the course(s) you’re interested in taking, and then make sure to register in that CRN section.  If registration is open, you should have access to this database about a week after you accept admission. You will need to log in using your career account and password.  (If you are unable to access the restricted list, please contact Sheri Tague.)  The courses on this restricted site are available only to MSME online students at the rate of $750/credit hour.  Do not share this list, as only online MSME students are eligible to enroll in these monitored sections.
  12. You can find the add/drop calendar on the registrar’s website.  Please pay attention to these deadlines as they are firm.  The registrar’s webpage for current students also provides instructions on how to register, add or drop a course, etc. and many more tasks you might be interested in completing.
  13. Register for classes in myPurdue using the scheduling assistant. It is not expected for online students to register for full-time.  Usually online students take 1-2 courses a semester.  If you want to take classes during the summer time, you might take math or statistics courses as there’s not usually a lot of engineering courses available.  If course registration is open, you can use the scheduling assistant to register about a week after you've accepted admission, as the cohort code should be assigned to your account by that time. You need to make sure you are registering for the specific CRN’s (obtained from the procedure in #11 above), that have been created for the ME Online Master’s program.  If you get an error message that you do not have the appropriate “cohort” code, please contact Sheri Tague for assistance.
  14. Purdue online courses are available in two delivery modes—edX and Brightspace.  You can access Brightspace with your Purdue Career account/password.  Exams within Brightspace courses will need to be proctored, check the course syllabus as to whether an online proctoring service will be used, or if you’ll need to set up an in-person proctor.  If an in-person proctor is needed, see for directions on how to establish one. Some Brightspace courses will not require proctored exams; check the course syllabus for this information or reach out to the course instructor. 

    If you’re taking courses hosted on edX, you’ll need to access the course material through edX, but you must first establish your Purdue edX learner account (do not try to use any existing edX account).  All new students should establish an edX account, using your Purdue email account, so that if you register in a course hosted on edX, there won’t be further delay in getting access to the course materials.
    To set up your edX account:
    • If you already have an edX account, (, make sure you are logged out of it! Previous edX accounts created with a non-Purdue email cannot be linked to your edX account that uses a Purdue email address. 
    • Go to (bookmark this link so you can easily find it later – this is where you will go to access the course).
    • Log in using your Purdue Boilerkey.
    • Click Create an Account and create an account using your Purdue email address (or login if you previously set up an account with a Purdue email address). Do not attempt to log into an edX account that does not have a Purdue email address associated with it; they cannot be linked.
    • Once you complete these steps, you will see your edX MSME dashboard. If you see an error message in pink that says you are not recognized as a Master’s student, do not worry.  If you registered in a course hosted on edX, once the data upload takes place between the Purdue system and edX, your course registration should show on the dashboard.  (This will happen before the first day of classes, and data uploads are done daily.)
    • If you have difficulties setting up your account, please email, and copy
    • Typically, you will be able to access the course material on the first day of the semester. Most courses do not open any earlier. 
    • Once the course opens, be sure to carefully review all course information and complete any required tasks. 
  15. Bookmark the ME Graduate Office website.  You should become familiar with what is on the website as it will answer a lot of your questions and guide you through a lot of processes.  You should check it regularly, as any updates/notifications will be posted to the website.
  16. Check out Purdue Engineering social media sites.
  17. Remember, is the email address for the grad office.  Please send your questions and submissions to this address, not to individual staffers, as it is monitored by everyone in the office, which allows the first available to respond to you.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible, but depending on the time of year, please allow up to 5 business days for a response.  (We highly recommend you don’t wait until it’s close to a deadline to email us a question, concern, or submission, related to that deadline.)
  18. Tuition is due, in full, by 4pm on the first day of classes, unless other arrangements have been made with the Bursar’s Office (Ways to pay Tuition and Fees).  If your employer is paying your tuition, information can be found on the Sponsored Billing and Payment page. For other questions related to tuition/fees, paying tuition, or financial aid, see the Purdue Bursar website.
  19. Do not worry about setting up your plan of study (POS) before classes start.  You can review online courses offered in various semesters and get a general idea of what your POS will look like, but you can’t access the POS generator until after the 2nd week of classes.  Your POS needs to be submitted as final before the end of the semester, but you should have it submitted in draft mode by mid-semester.

Let us know if you have any questions!

ME Graduate Office
585 Purdue Mall (Room 1003)
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-5730