Funding Priorities


Endowments providing student support continue our commitment to quality and diversity by creating and retaining the best, most creative undergraduate students.


Endowed graduate fellowships attract outstanding graduate students, boosting our reputation as a School, producing strong future industry and academic leaders, and attracting the highest-quality faculty to nurture them.


Endowed named professorships are key indicators for success within programs nationwide and are among the highest honors bestowed upon a faculty member. Professorships allow us to attract and retain faculty who are committed to transformational research, education, and engagement.


Facilities and space are critical in supporting our growth. The College of Engineering's strategic growth initiative offers the opportunity to repurpose and renovate the existing historic portion of the Mechanical Engineering Building. We have a continued need for updating laboratories, developing creative learning environments, and designing comfortable office spaces in all of our facilities.


Responding nimbly to technological and societal changes means embracing opportunities and addressing challenges when they arise. Unrestricted funds provide the Head of Mechanical Engineering the flexibility to seize unforeseen opportunities, answer urgent needs, and support emerging dreams. We invite you to partner with us in supporting these essential discretionary resources.