COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information for Purdue ME students, staff, and faculty

Here is the latest information about the COVID-19 situation, specifically as it pertains to Mechanical Engineering students, staff, and faculty. Last updated June 30, 2021.

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ME Building

Last updated August 2, 2021

Mask requirements:

Effective Monday, Aug. 2, face masks will again be required in all indoor spaces for everyone on the Purdue University campus, including students, employees and visitors, regardless of vaccination status. These guidelines come from the CDC.

Occupancy limits and Social Distancing

The occupancy limits for RESEARCH areas have been removed. This is a voluntary change and is at the PI’s discretion for whether to remove limits. Researchers are still asked to maintain the list of users for their spaces through the Research SOP Portal.

Occupancy limits for general areas, conference rooms, and instructional spaces will remain through the remainder of the summer session. The university is in the process of ‘re-densifying’ buildings and adding back furnishings. Please follow posted signage for any occupancy limit. Please follow appropriate social distancing practices for all areas.

Please note, the ME conference rooms are open for use, but with reduced occupancy numbers. Please reserve them through your area admin.

The current operational plan is to return to full density for the Fall semester in all spaces except the very large classrooms. Very large classrooms are those seating over 300 people. This is a very fluid plan and subject to revision based on COVID infections levels and vaccination rates.

ME Student Project Machine Shop and ME Electronics Shop

The ME Project Machine Shop and ME Electronics Shop will continue operating ‘by appointment’ through the summer session. Full operations will return for the Fall semester and allow ‘walk-in’ usage.

ME Computer Labs and Malott Innovation Studio:

The ME Computer labs (ME 2028/2038/3021) will be listed as ‘instructional spaces’ and subject to the face mask requirement. Social distancing rules will remain through the summer session with full density usage for the Fall semester. These spaces will remain open to ME students via cardswipe from 7AM – Midnight each day.

The Mallot Innovation studio will continue to have occupancy limits through the Summer session and will return to no-limit usage for the Fall semester. Its hours will continue to be 7AM-Midnight daily with access granted through cardswipe.

ME 3D Print Lab

The ME 3d Print lab is in the process of moving into ME 1191. For the summer, this will be ‘by appointment’ and usage should be coordinated with Mike Sherwood. This space will be fully opened for the Fall for student access via cardswipe.

Student Lounges and Student Organization offices

The Student lounge spaces will continue as-is with respect to operations for the summer. These spaces will fully re-open for the fall semester.

Beginning July 1, Advisors to the ME Student Organization may request to have the student organization offices opened for use.  For the Fall semester, these spaces will be opened by default.  Advisors should contact Mike Logan if they wish to re-open the spaces prior to the Fall Semester.