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Tissue Engineering


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Learning Objective:

The objective of this course is to provide students with the conceptual and problem solving framework for studying and conducting tissue engineering related activities. Both life science and engineering fundamentals will be presented to students so to facilitate integration and synthesis of ideas. Students also will be provided with the opportunity to work as a member of a multidisciplinary team to complete a tissue engineering design experience. As part of this experience, students will utilize the engineering design process for the identification and development of a clinically relevant strategy to restore, repair, or regeneration a dysfunctional tissue or organ.


This course integrates the principles and methods of engineering and life sciences toward the fundamental understanding of structure-function relationships in normal and pathological mammalian tissues, especially as they relate to the development of biological substitutes to restore, maintain, or improve tissue/organ function. Current concepts and strategies including drug delivery, tissue and cell transplantation, bioartificial organs, and in vivo tissue regeneration are introduced, as well as their respective clinical applications.

Topics Covered:

History of Tissue Engineering; Tissue Engineering Industry; Tissue / Organ Structure and Function; Tissue Engineering Strategies; Regulatory Issues; Tissue Engineering Design; Cells as Design Elements; Stem and Progenitor Cell Technologies; Cell- and Soluble Factor-Based Signals as Design Elements; Extracellular Matrix as a Critical Design Element; Tissue Development, Repair, and Regeneration; Tissue Transplantation; Polymeric Biomaterials; Cell and Tissue Mechanics; Molecular Delivery and Transport


Graduate standing.

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40 / 60

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Tentative Text: Tissue Engineering, Author: Clemens Van Blitterswijk, Publisher: Academic Press, Pub Date: 2008.

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