Robert E. Gadomski

For his record of achievement in technology, business, manufacturing, and management, the Schools of Engineering are proud to present the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award to Robert E. Gadomski.

Group Vice President, Process Systems Group
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
BSChE '69, MSIA '70

Gadomski bust

Mr. Gadomski augmented his Purdue chemical engineering degree with a degree in industrial administration from the Krannert Graduate School in 1970. After this he joined Air Products and Chemicals, a major industrial gas and chemicals manufacturer. Mr. Gadomski is Group Vice President of the Process Systems Group, one of six major divisions of the corporation and its main industrial gas technology arm. During his Air Products career he has worked in accounting, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and general management, and his responsibilities have included production and maintenance; safety, health, and environmental compliance; and process, design, project, and construction engineering.

He was Vice President and General Manager of the Process Systems Group (1988-90), the Industrial Chemicals Division (1986-88), and the Chemicals Manufacturing Division (1983-86).

  • "In Chemical Engineering we had a very small, intimate group with a high esprit de corps, and I have maintained contact with a number of my classmates."
  • "Something that is very important that a lot of engineers lack is interpersonal skills. A large percentage of the time, engineers are working as part of a team-such as a project team, or a troubleshooting team-and unfortunately our American psyche is not geared to team play. Teamwork and communication are very important to creating a competitive advantage in engineering."

Young Gadomski in a cap and gown


Advice to students:

"Make sure to take some courses outside of engineering, and be sure you understand dollars and cents-the business side of your field."