1996 Distinguished Engineering Alumni

The 33rd Annual Distinguished Engineering Alumni Convocation
Friday, April 19, 1996

There is something very special about Purdue Engineers. Their reputation precedes them, and their accomplishments set them apart. The men and women who have earned the right to call themselves Distinguished Engineering Alumni include leaders in their profession, in business, industry, education, science, and government. They have founded corporations, built cities, and traveled in space. They prove that a Purdue degree is only the beginning of a lifetime of education and high accomplishment.

Each year the Schools of Engineering look for graduates whose achievements are truly outstanding. There is never a shortage of qualified candidates. In recognizing them, Purdue reminds itself and its students that our standards must always be high and that the future is ours to build.

  Steven Beering   Richard J. Schwartz  
  Beering Signature
Steven C. Beering
  Schwartz Signature
Richard J. Schwartz

We are delighted to introduce this year's Distinguished Engineering Alumni. As they reminisce about Purdue and reflect on their professional lives in the following web pages, these outstanding graduates offer us a glimpse into how and why they have become exemplars of the Purdue engineer. Their success gives us great pride.


Walter C. Bell
MSCE `60

Robert B. Fenwick
BSEE '58

William L. George
PhD '68

James A. Katzman
BSEE `68

Ching-Tien Liou
MSChE `71, PhD '72

David R. Rea
BSChE `62

C. Elliott Sigal
BSIE '73, MSIE '73, PhD '77

Robert B. Stephenson
BSME `65

Robert L. Strickler
BSAE '60, MSAES '62, PhD '68

Richard J. Swift
MSME '72