Earn Two Degrees from Top Programs in Less Time

The collaborative Dual Interdisciplinary Master’s in Engineering (MS/MSE) and Master in Business Administration (MBA) program was developed in conjunction with Indiana University's (IU) renowned online MBA initiative. Tailored for professionals seeking to merge technical proficiency in engineering with crucial managerial skills, the Dual MS/MSE+MBA degree equips individuals with the capabilities necessary to confidently assume leadership roles. 

According to Lightcast reports, 36% of U.S. engineering managers hold a master’s degree or higher, and Purdue University stands out as a leading institution for producing candidates in the engineering management job market. Graduates of the Dual program will thrive in roles like mobile, data and engineering manager, project or chief engineer, project and program lead, directors and much more.  

In 2024, Purdue University secured the top spot in the U.S. News and World Report's rankings for Best Online Master's in Engineering Management Programs. Consistently, Purdue University's online graduate engineering program maintains a position among the top three programs according to U.S. News & World Report. The online MBA program at IU's Kelley School of Business also enjoys high rankings and has received accolades from Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Financial Times. 

Program Overview 

 The Dual MS/MSE + MBA program is 60 credits total and provides two distinct degrees upon completion of each program’s requirements: 

  • Interdisciplinary Master of Science or Master of Science In Engineering from Purdue University 
  • Master of Business Administration from Indiana University 

The degrees are typically completed consecutively, beginning at Purdue and ending at Indiana University, though some overlap can occur during the transition period. Each degree has its own tuition, curriculum, online platform and learning requirements. The curriculum below outlines the Purdue MS/MSE portion of the program. For further details on IU MBA requirements please visit IU's Dual Degree MSE/MS + MBA Curriculum Webpage.  

MS/MSE in IDE Degree Requirements with the Dual program 

The Interdisciplinary Engineering (MSE or MS) degree requires 30 credit hours with at least 18 credits of Purdue, graduate level, engineering courses. One optional concentration may be added and must be completed within these degree requirements. A maximum of 6 credits of approved Indiana University courses may be utilized for your Purdue degree. 

The remaining credits for the MS/MSE degree can come from a combination of sources below. Students must have 18 Purdue engineering credits and 30 total credits to meet graduation requirements. 

  • Indiana University courses * – 6 IU credits total may be utilized within your Purdue degree 
    • Additional approved courses
      • BUKD C550 Law and Ethics in Business (Winter & Spring) * 
      • BUKD C561 The US in a Global Economy (Fall, Spring & Summer) * 
  •  Required courses for one optional  concentration 
  •  Additional Purdue engineering (AAE, BME, CE, ECE, IE, ME, MSE, SYS, etc.) and non-engineering (MA, STAT, GRAD) courses 
    • To see what courses are available, please visit our courses page. 

Creating Your Plan of Study  

The Dual MS/MSE + MBA degree offers a wide range of flexibility in course options. After you begin your studies at Purdue, an academic advisor will help you create an electronic Plan of Study (ePOS) to best fit your educational needs and career goals.  

The student is ultimately responsible for knowing and completing all degree requirements. This website is a knowledge source for specific requirements and completion. 

For further details on IU MBA requirements please visit IU's Dual Degree MSE/MS_MBA Curriculum Webpage.

Admissions Requirements

Below are a few admissions requirements, please find all requirements here.

Criteria for Admissions

  • Minimum GPA of a 3.0
  • Math Background: One semester each of Calculus I, Calculus II and either Linear Algebra or Differential Equations
  • Engineering Background: Preferred undergraduate degree in Engineering, Science, Mathematics or Technology.

Further info available.

Application Requirements

Application Deadlines

Fall Term:

  • August 1

Spring Term:

  • December 1

Summer Term:

  • May 1

Purdue University Tuition

Resident of Indiana

  • $1,139 per credit

Nonresident of Indiana

  • $1,459 per credit

Domestic students and permanent residents may qualify for the following types of financial aid:

  • US federal financial aid
  • Military, veterans, and military-connected students

Further information available.

Indiana University Tuition found here

Frequently Asked Questions

Responses will apply to Purdue University only unless otherwise noted. Please review this webpage for information specific to Indiana University.

Master of Science or a Master of Science in Engineering from Purdue University 

Master of Business Administration from Indiana University 

Transfer credits will be officially reviewed for transferability after admission with academic and faculty advisors. Course descriptions and syllabi will be required. 12 transfer credits can be utilized for the Interdisciplinary Engineering (IDE) programs; the amount accepted will vary depending on a student’s concentration and plan of study. Approved credits will be applied within a student’s electronic Plan of Study as electives. Transfer credits can only be applied towards IDE majors and not graduate certificates. If a student transfers to a program outside of IDE within Purdue's College of Engineering, previously honored equivalencies and transfer credit approval is not guaranteed. Students should inquire further with their new program. 

 In order for courses to be evaluated for transfer, they must first meet all of the following requirements: 

  1. Graduate level from an accredited institution 
  2. Never used towards a previous degree program 
  3. Engineering or STEM-related courses
  4. A grade of a B- or better 
  5. Students typically need to be an active graduate student within the last 5 years for credit to be utilized.

 Once admitted, students will work with their advisor to discuss the academic history and possible transfer credit.  

You need to register for at least one credit to be considered an active student. If you do not enroll for more than two consecutive semesters, you will lose your student status and must reapply.

No, all courses are not available every term. You can see our course availability on the Courses List page.

The Purdue University portion of the program requires 30 credits. You may complete the program as a full time or part time student. A full-time student takes at least 8 semester credit hours every term and may be able to complete this program within 12 to 18 months. A part time student takes less than 8 semester credit hours every term (on average 3-6). As a part-time student, you may complete the program within 2 to 4 years. The average time to complete the program is 3 years. 

Students will then take 30 additional credits with Indiana University to fulfill the MBA requirements. The MBA degree is designed to be completed over 27 months.  

You may take a maximum of two consecutive semesters off. If you take more than two semesters, you will need to reapply to the program.

We suggest that you try to get at least one academic reference. If that is not possible, recommendations from employers will be accepted.

The courses will be offered asynchronously. We upload recordings of live lectures for you to view on your time. You will follow along weekly to complete your assignments, projects, and/or exams. Exams may require a proctor (virtual or in-person depending on the faculty).

 Scholarships and funding are not available through Purdue, this program is a course-based self-funded master's program. US Citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for Federal Financial Aid. All federal financial aid benefits and restrictions apply to enrolled students. Federal aid enrollment requirements apply. You can reach the Purdue Division of Financial Aid with questions at: facontact@purdue.edu. Military, veterans, and military-connects students can visit our Veterans Success center at https://www.purdue.edu/veterans/

Students enrolled in the Dual Interdisciplinary Master’s in Engineering, which is supported by Purdue University Online, receive robust support from a dedicated team of student engagement professionals. All students have an assigned academic advisor, who is available for one-on-one support and helps students with academic-related questions or issues. Academic advisors also offer workshops on topics relevant to academic planning and preparation, including plan of study workshops and specialty info sessions for students enrolled in specific programs.  

Additionally, students have an assigned student success coach, whose role is to support students who may be struggling in the online learning environment. Students have access to their assigned success coach from the point they accept their offer of enrollment through graduation. Success coaches also work to build community among online students, including offering networking events, resources, and opportunities for professional development.