Graduate Certificate in Hypersonics

Our Program

Purdue University's Hypersonics Graduate Certificate is designed for working professional engineers who want to develop a competitive edge by gaining graduate-level knowledge in hypersonics. This fully online program teaches state-of the-art methods in fluid dynamics, aerospace propulsion, and compressible flows. 

Advances in hypersonic technology are rapidly accelerating toward a speed where knowledge of the field becomes integral for success in the aerospace and defense industries, a key element of national security, and more. 

Because of national security needs, there is a strong demand within industry and government agencies for engineers and managers to gain understanding of issues related to hypersonic flows and the methods used to analyze them. Development of systems operating at hypersonic speeds (greater than Mach 5) can be difficult due to the intense heat transfer rates generated. The design of efficient propulsion systems also presents its own challenges. The ability of engineers to accurately predict hypersonic flows and to choose appropriate materials is critical to the successful development of hypersonic flight vehicles. 

Benefit from Purdue’s Expertise in Hypersonic Technology 

Ranked #3 in online Master’s in Engineering programs (U.S. News & World Report, 2024), Purdue is a leader in graduate engineering programs and online education. Learners in the online Hypersonics Graduate Certificate from Purdue’s top-ranked College of Engineering and School of Aeronautics and Astronautics complete a four-course, 12-credit series designed to enhance their knowledge and careers by: 

  • Upskilling with a selection of courses that support students’ areas of interest 

  • Developing a strong foundation in the fundamentals of fluid dynamics 

  • Expanding analysis capabilities for hypersonic propulsion systems and hypersonic external aerodynamics 

Purdue Engineering is a trailblazer in the field of hypersonics with a large, interdisciplinary team of research experts. Purdue is also home to a new Hypersonics and Applied Research Facility, a cutting-edge lab featuring HYPULSE and Mach 8 wind tunnels. 

Flexible Hypersonics Curriculum 

Purdue’s online Hypersonics Graduate Certificate is built on courses related to hypersonic flows and includes foundational subjects needed for students to be successful in the more specialized courses. Required curriculum includes one foundational course, two hypersonics-relevant courses, and one math course. Students may substitute the foundational and math course for additional hypersonics-relevent courses, depending on their educational background.

Students with an undergraduate background or graduate degree including fluid dynamics, aerospace propulsion, compressible flows or materials engineering may substitute a hypersonic-relevant course for the foundational course with approval.  

Students with a background including graduate level courses in mathematics may substitute a hypersonics-relevant course for the mathematics course with approval. This allows learners to tailor their program to their needs and interests from a selection of graduate-level courses taught by Purdue engineering faculty who are persistently known as leading experts in their fields.  vv

Each course within the program is three credits. Credits earned in this program with a grade of B- or better can be applied towards an Interdisciplinary Master of Science (MS) in Engineering, MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics, or MS in another engineering program according to that program’s policy.  

Students should possess strong analytical writing and verbal communication skills, and have relevant work experience or a relevant academic background for the course prerequisites in Intro to Fluid Dynamics, Computational Aerodynamics, Hypersonic Propulsion, Aerospace Propulsion, and Laminar/Turbulent Transition. 

 How to Apply  

Apply at the Application Management page using the campus and program information below. You can return to finish an incomplete application or check the status of a submitted application using the same page 

  • Campus: Purdue West Lafayette   
  • Major: Aeronautics and Astronautics  
  • Degree Objective: Hypersonics Graduate Certificate  
  • Course Delivery: Distance (online or off-campus location)  

 Required Application Materials  

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Official Transcripts   

  • Official transcripts are required from all institutions attended, including transfer credits. An official transcript must be sent directly from your previous institution to Purdue using one of the submission methods below. 
  • Those with international transcripts should supply transcripts in both their original language and an English translation, if applicable.   
  • During the application process you may upload unofficial transcripts (also referred to as personal copies of your official transcripts). You are still required to request additional official transcripts directly from your previous institution(s) by the end of your second semester to avoid registration holds. Academic progress reports and unofficial transcripts from student accounts are not acceptable for upload.  
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  • Mail official, unopened transcripts directly from your previous institution to:  

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  • 1 – 2 pages in length   
  • Separate your work and non-work experiences into different sections.  

English Proficiency Scores (International Applicants Only) 

Application Fee  

  • Nonrefundable $60 fee for domestic applicants and $75 fee for international applicants 
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Application Deadlines  




July 1  

November 1  

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