1992 Distinguished Engineering Alumni

The 29th Annual Distinguished Engineering Alumni Convocation
Friday, April 24, 1992

On this occasion the faculty of the Purdue University Schools of Engineering confers upon each of the following alumni the title of Distinguished Engineering Alumnus/Alumna in recognition of outstanding achievement in professional and related fields of endeavor.

  Beering bust   Yang bust  
  Steven C. Beering
  Henry T. Yang
Dean of Engineering

Gordon M. Binder
BSEE `57

Robert E. Gadomski
BSChe `69, MSIA `70

Patricia D. Galloway
BSCE '78

John R. Horne
BSME `60`

William C. Kessler
BSAAE `64, MSAAE `65

William P. Madar, Jr.
BSChE `61

William L. Rammes
BSIE `63

Harvey W. Schadler
PhD `57

Terry J. Yake
BSEE `65, Msee `66