Professional Master's Degree in Biomedical Device Development

Earn a new Professional Master's Degree in the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering that is designed to fast-track students to a lucrative career in the biomedical industry.

Program Highlights

  • Fast: The program can be completed in one year (fall, spring, and summer sessions).
  • Convenient: Up to 40% of coursework can be completed online through Purdue’s Engineering Professional Education Program.
  • Investment in You: Each student accepted into the program will receive a $500 scholarship to enhance professional skills training.
  • Flexible: A flexible curriculum and ample electives enable you to custom design a plan of study to fit your interests, career advancement goals, and needs of your chosen industry.
  • Regulatory Affairs & Entrepreneurship: Acquire a well-rounded education, business acumen, and highly marketable skills in entrepreneurship and regularly affairs. Develop your expertise in preclinical and clinical study design, regulatory issues for approval, quality systems, and engineering ethics.
  • Professional Development & Leadership: Stay competitive in an evolving industry, advance to leadership positions, and broaden your opportunities in the biomedical device industry.
  • Internship Opportunity: Take advantage of the optional industry immersion experience for a six- to 12-month internship with a leader in the field of biomedical device development.
  • Like-minded Peers: Study with students who have a similar background in engineering, science, or other technical discipline and who either enrolled directly from undergraduate programs or have some industry experience.