Neil Armstrong Distinguished Visiting Fellows


2019 marks 50 years since Purdue Engineering alumnus Neil Armstrong’s “one small step” inspired the world towards seemingly limitless human and technological achievement. On this historic occasion, Purdue Engineering is proud to launch the prestigious Neil Armstrong Distinguished Visiting Fellows program, which brings highly accomplished and recognized scholars and practitioners to the college to catalyze collaborations with faculty and students. Fellows are individuals who have been eminently recognized for their impact and achievements in engineering or related disciplines, who collaborate with Purdue Engineering faculty members on research projects and initiatives including new research directions, industry engagement, on-campus and online educational efforts, increasing diversity and inclusion, as well as entrepreneurship. Their selections are based on nominations made by faculty and the proposed impact of their research and visit on Purdue Engineering.

Past Events

Randall Poston

October 20, 2020

Lecture: Failure of Long-Span Cable-Supported Timber Pedestrian Bridges

Randall Poston

March 3, 2020

Lecture: Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Buildings: The Tale of Two High-Profile Projects in the U.S.

Paul Bevilaqua

March 22, 2019

Speaking to AAE400 Senior Seminar

March 26-28, 2019

J. William Uhrig and Anastasia Vournas Distinguished Short Course Series

April 1, 2019

Ethics Panel with IAC members

Dara Entekhabi

October 10, 2019

Lecture: Land Water, Energy and Carbon Cycles Coupling Diagnosed from Remotely Sensed Global Observations from NASA's SMAP mission

Randall Poston

April 9, 2019

Lecture: One Collapse, Two Load Tests and Several Repairs.

April 12-13, 2019

Opening Talk at the 4th Midwest Smart Structures Colloquium

Andrea Rinaldo

March 31, 2021

Lecture: Reflected in Water: Notes on Development, Resilience & Inequalities

April 2, 2019

Research Workshop: Structural and Functional Dynamics of Complex Networks
Lecture: River Networks as Ecological Corridors