Record-setting Day of Giving for Purdue Engineering

Dear Purdue Engineering Alumni & Friends

Over the past year, your visionary support has enabled the College to set new records in philanthropic support and in research grants awarded. Your exceptional loyalty and generosity are inspiring. We are truly grateful for our engaged and caring alumni, donors, friends and corporate partners who have made a difference in the lives of many on our campus.

With a University goal of $2.109 billion, and a College goal of $700 million, Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University is the largest fundraising effort in Purdue history. I am proud to share that at the conclusion of this past fiscal year, we have had a record year of giving for the College. Each of your gifts enables us to elevate our aim and map future achievements to new heights for our students, our state and the world as we enter into the last year of the campaign.

Once more, we are honored and humbled by the support from our alumni and friends. Together we can propel Purdue Engineering to the Pinnacle of Excellence at Scale.

Mung Chiang
Alyssa Wilcox

As we approach the final year of Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University, I am humbled by the generosity from our alumni, donors, friends, and corporate partners. It is because of you, the College has had another record setting year as we reached our baseline target of $700 million for the campaign. We are ever grateful for the support from our alumni and friends.

Now, more than ever, it is a thrilling time to be a part of Purdue Engineering as we enter the final year of the Ever True campaign and continue to keep our record-breaking momentum going. From student activities to sponsoring ground breaking researcher and joining your fellow alums at events across the globe, we need you now more than ever as we continue to boldly advance Purdue Engineering as a national and global leader in moving the world forward.

Many thanks for all you do to help us achieve excellence at every level.

Tebbe family gives back to advance Purdue Engineering's leadership, inspires further giving

Alumnus Stan Tebbe’s latest major gifts to Purdue Engineering — supporting the first endowed 150th Anniversary Professorship and the recent Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories expansion — bear his family’s name, but the philanthropy is not about him.

“It is not a priority to have my name on a professorship or a building,” says Tebbe (BSME ’67, MSIA ’68). “My father taught me if you have the ability to do something, it is your job, and do not ask to be thanked for it.”

Tebbe explains: “My contributions to Purdue are all about people, and my motivation dates to my experience growing up on a farm in Greensburg, Indiana. I want to be an example, and I hope to inspire other alums to follow to invest in people, think big and give back to make the world a little better.”

A retired ExxonMobil senior executive and 40-year Purdue donor, Tebbe most recently became the first donor to endow a Purdue 150th Anniversary Professorship. Charles Krousgrill was named the Tebbe Family 150th Anniversary Professor in Mechanical Engineering in February 2019.

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Charles and Arlene Richards give back to boost opportunities

Wise advice from a Purdue electrical engineering professor nearly 60 years ago inspired Charles Richards to embark on an unusual path that now has come full circle.

“The professor often told us there are a thousand ways to solve any problem,” says Richards, who received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1959. “He was referring to an electrical diagram, but I applied the concept to my education and career. My strategy, which has spanned engineering, sales and marketing, financial planning, real estate investment, and a law degree, has provided a safety net even during economic downturns.”

Richards’ wife of 53 years, Arlene, a longtime educator, calls him “an integrated learner.” She explains, “He has moved from one field to another and combined careers, always open to new possibilities and supplementing his income to stay self-sufficient.”

Gift’s value estimated at $1 million

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Purdue Engineering Giving Areas

No one pays it forward like Purdue.

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Brian Knoy
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Courtney Schmidt
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Donald Fry
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Scott Hinkel
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Kelly Busch
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Osra Delong
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Sammie Chergo
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W. Javan Greeson
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Andrea McIntyre
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Brooke Rogers
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Engineering Advancement
Jeffrey Anderson
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Rachael Bazzell
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Melissa Davies
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Heather Fabries
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Vicki Foster
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Laura Henzl
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John Langenkamp
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Hadley Thomas
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Engineering Advancement
Alyssa Wilcox
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Engineering Advancement
Amy Willoughby
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Jerry Alberts
(76) 496-6192

Robyn Jakes
(765) 494-4094

150 Years of Giant Leaps
The Campaign for Purdue University is an invitation to the Purdue family to join together, through private giving and personal involvement, to boldly advance our University as a national and global leader that continues to move the world forward.

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