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Welcome! We are glad that you have decided to join the Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department at Purdue University. Last Fall, Purdue ABE was named #1 Undergrad Program by US News & World Report for the Tenth Consecutive Year! We offer three degrees in two colleges that you can study within Agricultural & Biological Engineering.

Agricultural Systems Management (ASM)

Agricultural Systems Management prepares individuals to organize and manage technology-based businesses, with emphasis on planning and directing an industry or business project with responsibility for results. ASM students develop skills in communications, business management, computers, and the agriculture sciences, in addition to technical courses based in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department. National and international job opportunities include: manufacturing and processing operations; technical services and diagnostics; building and equipment systems; materials handling and process flow; technical product application and sales; product evaluation and education; and production agriculture. Learn more about Agricultural Systems Management...

Agricultural Engineering (AE) & Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering (ENRE)

Agricultural engineers apply their knowledge of agricultural systems, natural resources, and engineering to equipment design and assure environmental compatibility of practices used by production agriculture. The Agricultural Engineering curriculum offers great breadth, with specialization choices in machine systems engineering and environmental and natural resources engineering. Subject areas include computer-aided engineering, fluid power, finite element analysis, natural resource conservation, and engineering properties of biological materials. Excellent career opportunities exist in product engineering, equipment research and design, facilities design, environmental consulting, and engineering management. Learn more about Agricultural Engineering...

Biological Engineering (BE)

This program deals with the applications of basic scientific and engineering principles to the design, development and operation of large scale manufacture of food and biologically-based products. Such products are environmentally friendly, renewable and represent a future wave of consumer demand for better health and environment. In addition to learning the engineering aspects of food and biological processing, you will also learn the basic principles in biochemistry, pharmaceutical and food sciences. The curriculum can accommodate Premed and BS/MS plans of study. Learn more about Biological Engineering...

Dual Degree programs with Biological Engineering and Biochemistry or Pharmaceutical Sciences are also offered - these programs require an additional year of courses leading to two degrees.

ABE Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree programs involving Biochemistry or Pharmaceutical Sciences result in two degrees, one in engineering and one in either biochemistry or pharmaceutical sciences. This would require an additional year of courses. These degrees are focused, intense programs of study targeted to provide graduates with unique skills and job opportunities to take on roles of technical leadership in biological engineering in the next century.


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We are always happy to visit with you about the ABE programs and to answer any questions you may have.