eXcellence in Manufacturing and Operations

Driving the resurgence of American manufacturing on Earth and in space.

Scholarship, Fellowship, Leadership

The next giant leap

Advancing Physical, Digital, and Sustainable Excellence

Purdue University leads the U.S. manufacturing and operations resurgence, with pioneering strides in semiconductors, aerospace, defense, and biomanufacturing. The eXcellence in Manufacturing and Operations (XMO) initiative stands at the crossroads of this revitalization, shaping the nation's path forward. This initiative fuels a contemporary renaissance in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chains, bolstering American resilience and prosperity. Rooted in Purdue's legacy of innovation, it melds physical, digital, and sustainable manufacturing realms to craft a trajectory to unmatched excellence.

Purdue's historic commitment to innovation is the foundation for its present leadership in agriculture, space exploration, defense, and smart manufacturing. A world-changing agenda, anchored in science, engineering, and entrepreneurship, propels the institution's trajectory. By harmonizing technology and business through its ecosystem, Purdue advances manufacturing and operational resilience, ensuring a brighter collective future.

Innovation Network Amplified with Campus Partners and Industry

XMO forms the heart of this transformation, fostering a community that unites physical, digital, and sustainable manufacturing. Spearheaded by the College of Engineering, the initiative is a collaboration of campus partners, including the Mitchell J. Daniels, Jr., School of Business, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, the College of Agriculture, and the College of Science. XMO leverages Purdue's expertise, cultivating a skilled workforce and empowering professionals through retraining. This collaboration on campus and with industry spans scales, reinforcing Purdue's legacy as an innovation hub. Purdue's pivotal role envisions a world-class ecosystem with scalable solutions that modernize operations, bolster national security, sustainability, and well-being, democratizing groundbreaking technologies. Thus, Purdue shapes a transformative legacy, steering the course for generations ahead.