Graduate Programs Lead to High Impact Careers

Biomedical engineering is one of the fastest growing fields of engineering and the knowledge and skills of persons with advanced degrees are in high demand. Students from diverse fields of biomedical sciences and engineering can find high impact careers following a graduate degree.

Signature Research Areas

At the Weldon School, you will find highly interdisciplinary research that spans contemporary biomedical engineering. Brief videos of each of our five Areas of Research Excellence can be found on the following page


Engineered Biomaterials & Biomechanics



Computational Biomedicine

Neuroengineering and Neurotechnology



Diverse Graduate Degree Options

Our master’s and doctoral-level degree programs can lead to a variety of exciting career paths! Students work closely with faculty mentors from multiple entities at Purdue, including the College of Engineering, College of Science, School of Pharmacy, and the School of Veterinary Medicine, to earn advanced degrees. Additional mentoring comes from clinical partners at the Indiana University School of Medicine and industrial partners at companies across the State of Indiana and Midwest. The combined faculty, staff, and facilities offer unparalleled resources and opportunities for all of our graduate students.

Cross-Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Training Programs

Ayeeshik at work Neuroscience equipment being used Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Program

Physician-Engineer Training Program

Interdisciplinary Training Program in Auditory Neuroscience

Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Program

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