Keyvan Esfarjani

Keyvan Esfarjani

Executive Vice President, Chief Global Operations Officer and General Manager, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Operations, Intel Corporation (Intel)
BS IE 1992, MS IE 1994

For his exemplary business acumen leading Intel’s worldwide manufacturing, supply chain, and operations to produce world-changing technology that improves our everyday lives.

For Keyvan Esfarjani, a simple adage — hard work pays off — rang true during the six years he spent at Purdue and has continued to resonate in each professional endeavor. It’s the basis for the advice he offers today’s undergraduates.

“Believe in yourself,” he tells them. “Set the bar high and work hard to reach it. Build trust and relationships along the way. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Expect that things will not always go your way. Never stop learning.”

Esfarjani’s diligence has resulted in a prolific career at Intel Corporation, where he is executive vice president, chief global operations officer and general manager of manufacturing, supply chain and operations. In his 26 years with the company, he has held leadership roles in process engineering, yield, and manufacturing; enabled 16 technology startups; and developed expertise spanning logic, memory, and chipset technologies. Recently, he led the strategy for Optane, Intel’s independent memory technology development operation, at the Rio Rancho, NM campus.

Looking back on his Purdue experience, he recounted a particular time that stretched his comfort level and shaped his work ethic.

“Writing my first “X-Windows” program to control an old robot as a Purdue intern at the (then) Purdue Engineering Research Center seemed impossible. But it was an exciting and proud moment after pushing myself to finish it,” he said. “That accomplishment lit a spark in my soul, and since then, I have found engineering is fun — not because it is easy, but because it can be extremely challenging and pushes you to be your best."

Esfarjani said the array of skills he gained as a student prepared him well for the vast number of duties he has held at Intel.

“Purdue Engineering teaches discipline, attention to detail, and results orientation. But getting results requires motivation, teamwork, enabling one another, and respecting each other’s differences. It is not just a high IQ, but a developed EQ (emotional quotient) that makes a great leader,” he said.

Today, Esfarjani is grateful for the opportunities he’s had at Intel to exercise those leadership skills. “The privilege of leading 40,000 people worldwide who produce world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet is something that makes me very proud,” he said.

He reserves a soft spot for Professor Emeritus Bruce Schmeiser, who taught at Purdue from 1979 to 2011.

“He was kind, respectful, hardworking, approachable, and highly available. He made his simulation class very interesting to capture his students’ attention and promote learning. I fondly remember seeing him working late every night in his office, always keeping his door open for students who needed help.”

Esfarjani remains engaged as an influential alumnus. He is a member of the recently formed Purdue Semiconductor Degree Leadership Board, composed of an elite group of executives who provide visionary input for the Purdue Semiconductor Degrees Program and other workforce development programs designed and implemented by the university.  He was awarded Purdue’s Outstanding Industrial Engineer Award in 2022.

Career Highlights

2022-present Executive Vice President, Chief Global Operations Officer and General Manager, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Operations, Intel Corporation (Intel)
2020-2022 Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations, Intel
2016-2020 Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Memory Manufacturing Group, Intel 
2010-2016 Co-Chief Executive Officer, IM Flash Technologies, Intel
2008-2009 General Manager, Director California Tech Development, Intel
2005-2007 D2 Plant Manager, Process Development and Manufacturing, Intel
1996-2000 Industrial Engineer, Intel


1992 BS Industrial Engineering, Purdue University
1994 MS Industrial Engineering, Purdue University