Professional Master's Concentration

Earn your Master’s degree in Civil Engineering in half the time. Designed for students who want to focus on a civil engineering career in industry and government, the Lyles School of Civil Engineering Professional Master’s Concentration aims to ensure its graduates are ready and able to make a lasting impact right away.

The Civil Engineering with Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Management (CE-LEM) program incorporates professional skills and managerial competencies and allows its students to earn their Master’s degree without going through the thesis process. The degree can be earned in as short as one year and instruction is primarily residential, with up to 25% of the credits permitted to be completed online.

Students can earn their Master’s in these civil engineering specialty areas:

  • Architectural Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geomatics Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Hydraulics and Hydrologic Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Systems Engineering

The CE-LEM concentration includes two components: Core courses in management, entrepreneurship, and leadership, including professional development seminars; and course options based on the area of specialization.  

Applicants pursuing this concentration are also eligible to apply to the recently approved concurrent MS-MBA program, offered jointly by the College of Engineering and Daniel's School of Business at Purdue. The concurrent program allows students to receive both their MSCE and an MBA in just two years.

For more information, contact:

Jenny Ricksy
Burke Graduate Program Administrator

Student Testimonials

Name: Fenil Shah

Location: Chicago, IL

Profession:  Associate Project Manager

ProfMS courses taken:  Legal Aspects of Construction Engineering; Construction Project Control Systems; Computer Applications in Construction; Advance Project Management and Analysis; Strategic Management; Construction Business Management; Built Environment Modeling; Project Management; Developing A Global Business Strategy

How would you describe your experience in the program?

I really enjoyed the blend of opting for Master's and Business school classes, it helped me grow not only technically but also from a managerial perspective. The faculties and the practical learning exposure was amazing, and I learnt a lot of the professional development courses as well which was just offered to the Professional Masters graduate program. I still miss Professor Abraham's Project Controls class and Prof Bowen's Advance Project Management- and these two courses are super helpful while I'm working in the industry as well.

What would you tell someone who was curious about joining Purdue Civil Engineering's Professional Masters Concentration?

I came to Purdue with so many dreams and aspirations, and I'm so excited to share that being a cohort of the Professional Masters Graduate Program in Civil Engineering, it surpassed all my expectations. I strongly recommend this program to fellow students since it is a great amalgamation of engineering and business school.  It will not only hone your technical skills but also prepare for the real world with business school classes and practical learning exposure. Times may be tough, but always believe in yourself. We are Boilermakers, what we make moves the world forward!

Name: Karim Makhaly

Location: Alexandria, VA

Profession: Field Engineer (Underground Construction)

ProfMS courses taken: Equipment Selection & Utilization, Facilities Management, Architecture & BIM for High Performance Buildings, Construction Business Management, Prof. Development Seminars I & II, Plastics in Infrastructure & Environment, Strategic Management I, Entrepreneurship & Business Strategy in Engineering, Construction Project Control Systems, Computer Applications in Construction

Why did you decide to enroll into Purdue Civil Engineering's Professional Masters Concentration?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was already planning on pursuing a masters degree in engineering. I wanted to expand my knowledge in technical courses such as equipment and project management before I begin my career. Purdue CE's professional masters concentration (non thesis) was perfect for me as I had the purpose of furthering my knowledge through practical coursework rather than theoretical research. It was also appropriate since the purpose of my masters was to immediately begin my professional career.

How would you describe your experience in the program?

My experience in the program was enjoyable, challenging, beneficial, and impactful. I made a lot of relationships with professors stronger as well as creating new ones. I also made a great number of new colleagues and connections with my classmates which I'm sure will be useful in the future for both me, the colleagues, and the overall industry. More towards the program itself, I improved technical skills such as time management, multi-tasking, critical thinking, and engineering methods.

Do you have a your favorite/most memorable moment while enrolled?

My favorite moment while enrolled in the Professional Masters Concentration was in courses such as Equipment Selection & Utilization with Professor Dunston, when even though we were in the middle of a pandemic, we were showing up to class, staying engaged, and living the academic lifestyle. (in the safest way possible, of course.)

How do you feel the program helped you take the next step in your career?

I feel that the program gave me a lot of confidence in my competence and technical ability related to my field. It also catapulted and broke a lot of ice during interviews and professional meetings. Being in such a unique program at a young age immediately following my undergraduate degree really helped open the eyes of some employers and get offers.

What would you tell someone who was curious about joining Purdue Civil Engineering's Professional Masters Concentration?

​Do your research. Figure out what you want from the Masters Concentration before making any decisions or sending applications. It's important to understand that graduate degrees, as compared to undergraduate, are less of a necessity and more of a calculated refinement of your abilities/experience. If you feel that your future career in academia or industry will benefit from a certain graduate degree (e.g. thesis vs. professional), then look into your options and talk to some people about past experiences and what your options are. Also, I would emphasize to an incoming graduate student to remember to enjoy their time during the program. These last 1 or 2 years at Purdue could be yearned for years to come, and I am very glad I was able to find a balance and enjoy my final days as a student.