Jay V. Ihlenfeld

Jay V. Ihlenfeld received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, 1974. He also received a doctoral degree in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 1978.

Ihlenfeld is the executive vice president for Sumitomo 3M in Japan. Since joining 3M in 1978, Ihlenfeld was actively involved in the company’s technical and business innovations, holding three patents. His most recent promotion to Sumitomo 3M places him at the head of 3M’s largest subsidiary operation with more than $1.7 billion in sales and in excess of 3,000 employees.

He is the highest-ranking of nearly 200 Purdue graduates employed by 3M. Ihlenfeld serves as Purdue University’s 3M campus executive. As campus executive, he has strengthened the partnership between 3M and the Purdue Schools of Engineering, enabling 3M’s participation in the New Directions Industrial Advisory Council of the School of Chemical Engineering. Ihlenfeld has launched research collaborations between 3M and the School of Chemical Engineering and has fostered ongoing cooperation between 3M staff and the Graduate Student Organization Symposium as well as undergraduate professional development seminars.