Jaime Wisniak

For his outstanding accomplishments as an engineering professor, researcher, and academic leader, the Schools of Engineering are proud to present, for the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award, Jaime Wisniak.

Vice President and Dean for Research and Development
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
PhD `60, Chemical Engineering

Wisniak bust

Dr. Wisniak received his bachelor's degree from the Catholic University of Chile in Santiago. He returned to the faculty of that institution after completing his doctoral degree at Purdue, and became chairman of its Department of Chemical Engineering in 1968. Dr. Wisniak joined the faculty of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in 1971, one of several internationally renowned scholars attracted by the State of Israel to establish the academic foundations of the new institution. He was the first tenured faculty member of the university, and since then has been head of chemical engineering and dean of engineering. In 1983 he was appointed the Benjamin H. Swig Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering, and for the past seven years he has been vice president and dean for research and development. Known for his contributions to research on vapor-liquid equilibrium properties, Dr. Wisniak is author of over 100 papers in scholarly journals, as well as ten literature source books on thermodynamic properties.


  • "I remember when I was investigating American universities, everyone told me that Purdue was the place for me."


  • "The learning environment at Purdue was very good. I remember we were told that Purdue 'only takes the best students--so we know you are good. Now you have to prove it once again.' That climate was very good for me personally. It was a competitive environment which encouraged everyone to work hard, but there was a great deal of support from the professors as well."

Young Wisniak bust

His advice for first-year engineers:

"Work hard to complete and get the most from your engineering education. You have a very exciting career ahead of you that can offer you a world of opportunity--make the most of it."