Fred V. Honnold

For his technical innovations and his outstanding leadership in the air-conditioning industry, the Schools of Engineering are proud to present, for the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award, Fred V. Honnold.

Vice President, Engineering Operations
United Technologies-Carrier Corporation
BSME '64

Honnold bust

Mr. Honnold joined Carrier after graduation as a development engineer. He held a number of engineering and technical management positions for various Carrier product lines, becoming a general manager in 1984. He was named to his current position a year later. As vice president for engineering operations, Mr. Honnold directs Carrier's worldwide engineering operations including research, product development, manufacturing processes, and technological strategies. Throughout his career Mr. Honnold has been responsible for the design development, and introduction of a number of air conditioning and heat pump innovations that have brought about new technical standards for the industry. As a member of the technical council of United Technologies Corp., Mr. Honnold integrates Carrier's engineering operations with other United Technologies engineering functions.


  • "I found Purdue to be a very inspiring place. It provided me with direct exposure to faculty members who were simply outstanding. The image they generated in the minds of the students was a very stimulation one: these people were at the top of their fields and yet their pursuit of new knowledge was never-ending."


  • "Purdue really prepared me for advancing in technology through a strong fundamental engineering education."

Young Honnold bust

His advice for the engineering freshman:

"the first thing I would say to anyone is study hard. But also, take advantage of everything Purdue has to offer you. I've been exposed to a great many engineering institutions and the facilities at Purdue are among the best in the world."