Hsichun (Mike) Hua

For his exceptional technical, managerial, and diplomatic accomplishments, which have led to significant contributions in the aerospace industry, the Purdue University Schools of Engineering are proud to present the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award to Hsichun Hua.

Executive Vice President and General Manager
Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology
MSAE '65, PhDAE '68

Hua bust

From his Purdue years to present

A graduate of the Air Force Academy of the Republic of China, Dr. Hua came to Purdue for his master's degree following a distinguished military career in both the R.O.C. and U.S. Air Forces. After receiving the PhD degree from Purdue, Dr. Hua worked with the Cessna and Lockheed Aircraft Companies before returning to Taiwan in 1970. He has since played an instrumental role in the development of Taiwan's aerospace industry, in adjunct faculty positions at National Cheng Kung and Tung-hai Universities, and in research leadership and management positions in the country's aerospace industry. In his current position, in which he also serves as general manager of the Aero Industry Development Center, Dr. Hua supervises over 5,500 engineers and technicians in aeronautical research as well as aircraft and engine development and production. The center's notable achievements include the F5E and AT-3 fighters, as well as the Ching-Kuo, a supersonic lightweight air defense fighter scheduled to begin production this year.


  • "We really enjoyed out time at Purdue--they were very happy years," says Dr. Hua. "I feel the general approach to education at Purdue is very, very good--there is a lot of stress on systematic analysis with a problem solving orientation.


  • "I was also very impressed by the attitude of the students there. They were very dedicated to their studies, very intent on learning engineering."


Young Hua at graduation

His advice to the first year engineering student:

"Concentrate on learning basic knowledge. Remember that four years is a very short time and that there is a great deal of knowledge which you are expected to learn. The more you can learn the better. Don't be concerned with showing what you can do just yet. When you leave school there will be time to show what you are capable of, but for now be patient and concentrate on learning."