Thomas J. Engibous

For his achievements and leadership in high technology development and management, the Purdue University Schools of Engineering are proud to present the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award to Thomas J. Engibous

Vice President, Semiconductor Group
Texas Instruments Incorporated
BSEE '75, MSEE '76

Engibous bust

From his Purdue years to present

Mr. Engibous joined Texas Instruments after graduation as a linear interface circuits design engineer. He specialized in the design and development of high voltage integrated circuits, and subsequently became a high voltage design engineer and section manager. In 1983 he was named interface operations department manager, and in 1985, at the age of 32, he accepted his current position, in which he oversees the worldwide operations of the TI Semiconductor Group, developing advanced technologies for highly integrated functions and high-performance specialty components. Mr. Engibous' leadership is credited for Texas Instruments' reduced design times and improved ability to compete internationally.


  • "I think the most important aspect of my Purdue years was the social education I received. I didn't find the academic requests on me that different from what I was used to, but being with so many people from so many places in a new environment away from home had a great, positive effect on me."


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His advice for the engineering freshman:

"It may not occur to a lot of freshmen that what they are about to learn in a few short years is going to be very, very important to the rest of their lives. So they should try to focus on learning the fundamental subjects really well, rather than just getting good grades."

For the graduating engineer:

"Remember that once you've graduated you will be required to make decisions--and there's a big difference between having a sound technical background and having the capacity to make sound technical decisions. The first doesn't necessarily lead to the second.

"It's the decision-making aspect that takes time to learn after graduation."