Arindam Bose

Independent Consultant, AbiologicsB LLC
PhD ChE ’80

For extensive innovations in the biopharmaceutical industry related to the strategic planning, manufacturing, and process development of biologics and biosimilars in the clinical and commercial markets

Teamwork, leadership, an understanding of the core fundamentals and a commitment to lifelong learning. These are just some of the basics that Arindam Bose learned during his time at Purdue that still guide his career today.

Bose, who spent 35 years as an executive in the biopharmaceutical industry, now serves as a consultant at AbiologicsB LLC, a biotechnology and bioengineering consulting firm he founded in 2016.

“My Purdue engineering education equipped me with deep knowledge of engineering fundamentals, which I subsequently applied throughout my career,” Bose says. “More importantly, Purdue taught me to follow a proactive and structured approach to problem solving. I learned team dynamics and how to influence via persuasion rather than authority.

“Learning from working in that team environment at Purdue — especially leadership skills — prepared me well for a seamless transition to the industrial research and development environment.”

Bose says his thesis advisor, George Tsao, professor emeritus of chemical engineering, had a great influence on him. “Professor Tsao taught me the values of teamwork, honesty and integrity in the research environment,” Bose says. “George used to be away from campus often in those days. The first thing he would ask when I ran into him upon his return was if I was doing well and what could he do to make my path to thesis completion easier. I was genuinely touched that someone of his stature cared enough to be concerned about my well-being.”

While Bose researched biomass fuels at Purdue, he watched with keen interest discoveries in the field of recombinant DNA, and believed the discoveries would significantly impact many fields and open new career options.

“I was excited to work on fuels from biomass, which was an area that addressed a major national need. At about the same time, recombinant DNA technologies were being developed,” Bose says. “It became clear to me that the most immediate and impactful application of those new biotechnologies would be in human and animal health. I wanted to be part of that endeavor, which led me to pursue career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. I have never regretted that decision.”

Since receiving his PhD in chemical engineering from Purdue, Bose has served as a research scientist, project leader, manager, director, executive director, vice president and consultant in the biopharmaceutical industry. Bose says his ability to capitalize on applications of modern genetic technologies to health care stemmed from his understanding of the fundamentals, his willingness to adapt and his desire to keep learning. These are traits he says he would encourage in all Purdue students: “Focus on mastering the core principles that are the foundation of the discipline of chemical engineering, and not on the specifics of any application.”

“You must also commit to lifelong learning. Foundational knowledge for industries you might work in for years — or even decades — from now, is yet to be discovered. You must be willing to access new knowledge and apply it promptly to your own work process.”

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”

General George Patton

Career Highlights

2016-present Independent Consultant, AbiologicsB LLC
2010-2016 Vice President, Biotherapeutics External Affairs and Biosimilars Strategy, Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development (PWR&D)
2003-2010 Executive Director, Human Biologics Strategy and Sourcing, PWR&D
2000-2003 Director, Human Biologicals, PWR&D
1997-2000 Senior Technical Advisor, Human Biologicals, PWR&D
1991-1997 Manager, Bioprocess Development, PWR&D
1984-1991 Project Leader, Fermentation Pilot Plant, PWR&D
1982-1984 Research Scientist, Fermentation Research and Development, PWR&D
1980-1982 Research Scientist, Biochemical Process Technology, Battelle Memorial Institute


1975 BTech Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology
1977 MS Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan
1980 PhD Chemical Engineering, Purdue University