School of Aeronautics & Astronautics Faculty and Staff

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To find Purdue faculty who are active in particular research areas, please visit the Purdue University Research Expertise database (PURE). The database can be searched by keyword or browsed by fields of study. Research areas for AAE Faculty can also be found by using the Faculty by Research Area in the menu to the left.

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Alina Alexeenko
Associate Professor
ARMS 3231
(765) 496-1864
William Anderson
2014 - Associate Head of Undergraduate Programs
ARMS 3301
(765) 496-2658
Dominick Andrisani
Associate Professor
WANG 4050
(765) 494-5135
Rita Baines
Director of Development and Communications
ARMS 3307
(765) 494-9124
Sally Bane
Assistant Professor
ARMS 3219
(765) 494-9364
Gregory Blaisdell
ARMS 3215
(765) 494-1490
Anna Bowers
AAE Events and Purdue Space Day Coordinator
ARMS 3336
(765) 494-5147
Barrett Caldwell (By Courtesy)
Professor Of Industrial Engineering
GRIS 228D; CIVL G175
(765) 494-5412
Weinong Chen
Reilly Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics & Materials Engineering
Aeronautics and Astronautics Associate Head for Graduate Education
Joint appointment with Materials Engineering
ARMS 3323
(765) 494-1788
Steven Collicott
ARMS 3227
(765) 494-2339
Martin Corless
ARMS 3333
(765) 494-7411
Lisa Crain
Undergraduate Program Coordinator, AAE Photographer, Undergraduate Events Coordinator, AAE Prospective Student Tours.
ARMS 3314
(765) 494-5157
William Crossley
ARMS 3209
(765) 496-2872
Daniel DeLaurentis
ARMS 3225
(765) 494-0694
James Doyle
ARMS 3327
(765) 494-5145
John Drake
Professor Emeritus
Daniel Dumbacher
Professor of Practice
David Filmer
Adjunct Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics
ARMS 3210
(765) 496-6936
Timothy Fisher (By Courtesy)
James G. Dwyer Professor of Mechanical Engineering
(765) 494-5627
Linda Flack
Graduate Program Administrator, Graduate Student Recruitment and Publicity, Graduate Student Funding Coordinator
ARMS 3305
(765) 494-5152
Arthur Frazho
ARMS 3201
(765) 494-5976
Tabitha Freeland
Research Account Specialist
ARMS 2201
(765) 494-9779
Carolin Frueh
Assistant Professor
Armstrong Hall 3309
(765) 494-7436
James Garrison
Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (by courtesy)
ARMS 3311
(765) 496-7482
Johnathan Goodsell
Visiting Assistant Professor
WANG 4044
Jay Gore (By Courtesy)
Reilly University Chair Professor of Engineering and Jefferson Science and Technology Fellow with S/SRGIA - Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs at the U.S. State Department
Chaffee Hall, Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories (Mechanical Engineering)
(765) 494-1501
Alten Grandt
Distinguished Professor (formerly Raisbeck Distinguished Professor)
ARMS 3235
(765) 494-5141
Michael Grant
Assistant Professor
ARMS 3223
Rhonda Greear
Account Clerk V
ARMS 2201B
(765) 494-5430
Winthrop Gustafson
Professor Emeritus
Gerald Hahn
Machinist IX
(765) 494-3339
Stephen Heister
Raisbeck Engineering Distinguished Professor for Engineering and Technology Integration
Director, Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories
ARMS 3331
(765) 494-5126
Kathleen Howell
Distinguished Hsu Lo Professor of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
ARMS 3233
(765) 494-5786
Inseok Hwang
Associate Professor
ARMS 3211
(765) 494-0687
P.K. Imbrie
Director, Undergraduate Academic Programs
Dwight Look College of Engineering
Texas A&M University
ARMS 1333
(765) 496-7225
Joan Jackson
Part-time Account Clerk/Secretary
(765) 494-3340
Jessica Jasso
Business Office: Account Clerk IV
Martin Jischke
President Emeritus
(765) 494-9708
Saundra Johnson
Account Clerk IV
(765) 494-5149
Czeslaw Kentzer
Professor Emeritus
Nicole Key (By Courtesy)
Associate Professor Of Mechanical Engineering
ZUCR 126, ME 2149
(765) 494-2333
Jennifer LaGuire
Administrative Assistant to the Head
AAE Safety Coordinator
ARMS 3315
(765) 494-3006
Steven Landry (By Courtesy)
Associate Head and Associate Professor
(765) 494-6256
Sheila Light
Business Office : ARMS Account Clerk - Biweekly Payroll
ARMS 2201
(765) 496-1681
James Longuski
ARMS 3220
(765) 494-5139
Robert Lucht (By Courtesy)
Ralph and Bettye Bailey Professor of Combustion in Mechanical Engineering
(765) 494-5623
Anastasios Lyrintzis
Distinguished Professor and Chair
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Embry-Riddle, Daytona Beach, FL
ARMS 3321
(765) 494-5142
Sergey Macheret
ARMS 3207
(765) 494-5143
Karen Marais
Associate Professor
ARMS 3325
(765) 494-0063
Belinda Marchand
Adjunct Associate Professor
Jairo Marmolejos
Account Clerk V
Francis Marshall
Professor Emeritus
Henry Melosh (By Courtesy)
Distinguished Professor EAS/Physics
CIVL 3237
(765) 494-3290
Charles Merkle
Professor Emeritus, Reilly Professor of Engineering
Joint appointment with Mechanical Engineering
Scott Meyer
Managing Director of Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories, Joint appointment with Mechanical Engineering
ZL3 High Pressure Lab
(765) 496-1772
David Minton (By Courtesy)
Assistant Professor of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science
Shaoshuai Mou
Assistant Professor
ARMS 3212
George Palmer
Professor Emeritus
John Phillips
Electronics Specialist
ARMS 2098A, ASL3
(765) 494-5161
R Byron Pipes
John L. Bray Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Joint appointment with Chemical Engineering & Materials Engineering
(765) 494-5767
Jonathan Poggie
Associate Professor
ARMS 3203
Timothée Pourpoint
Associate Professor
Chaffee Hall, Room 116 & ARMS 3216
(765) 494-9423
Li Qiao
Associate Professor
ARMS 3221
(765) 494-2040
David Reagan
Shop Technician
ARMS 3098A
(765) 494-5162
Michelle Roe
Account Assistant
(765) 494-3885
John Rusek
Research Director, Swift Enterprises, Ltd.
Sarag Saikia
Visiting Assistant Professor
WANG 4052
Michael Sangid
Assistant Professor
ARMS 3329
(765) 494-0146
Steven Schneider
Room 13C AERO (Hangar 3) & ARMS 3216
(765) 494-3343
Steven Shade
Managing Director, Center for Advanced Manufacturing
(765) 494-5183
Alexey Shashurin
Assistant Professor
WANG 4046
Tom Shih
Professor and Head of Aeronautics and Astronautics
ARMS 3317
(765) 494-3006
Carson Slabaugh
Assistant Professor
Robin Snodgrass
Machinist IX
(765) 494-3339
Steven Son (by courtesy)
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
130 Chaffee Hall, Zucrow Labs
(765) 494-8208
Amy Stanley
Bus Mgr-Aero And Astro/Materials Engr
ARMS 2201B
(765) 494-5150
John Sullivan
ARMS 3229
(765) 494-0776
Chin-Teh Sun
Neil A. Armstrong Distinguished Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
ARMS 3335
(765) 494-5130
Dengfeng Sun
Associate Professor
ARMS 3217
(765) 494-5718
Tyler Tallman
Assistant Professor
ARMS 3214
Vikas Tomar
Associate Professor
ARMS 3205
(765) 494-3423
Haifeng Wang
Assistant Professor
ARMS 3213
(765) 494-4093
Taylor Weast
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
(765) 494-5137
Terrence Weisshaar
Professor Emeritus
(765) 494-5975
Susan Whaley
Research Account Specialist
ME 2007E
(765) 494-5711
Rebecca Whitley
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
(765) 494-4086
Marc Williams
Professor Emeritus
ARMS 3301
(765) 494-5137
David Wolf
Visiting Professor
Boris Yendler
Adjunct Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Kirk Yerkes
Energy Science and Integration Research Advisor
Energy, Power, Thermal Division, Propulsion Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory
James Younts
AERO shop
(765) 494-3339
Wenbin Yu
Associate Professor
ARMS 3321
(765) 494-5142