Mentorship Program

A female student seated at a table holding a backpack, talking to a middle-aged man in a suit seated next to her

A mentor can have a long-lasting impact on your career. Research on mentoring has shown that a mentoring relationship can reduce feelings of anxiety and isolation, increase self-confidence, and provide a safe space of trust. 

You can also learn new skills, expand your professional network, and find out what it takes to succeed in the path you want to follow. 

"A formal mentorship program, like the one AAE has, allows you to get introductions and start a relationship with someone that you wouldn't otherwise know. It opens the door and lets you be comfortable coming to your mentor to introduce yourself."

-Markus Heinimann (BSAAE '92, MSAAE '94, PhD AAE '97)

Students and mentors are paired for one academic year, but may continue their relationship afterward. Student mentees are paired with alumni mentors based on their biographic information and professional/academic interests.

Student Mentees 

Any Purdue AAE student is eligible to benefit from this program. A survey will be sent to students in the first week of classes gauging interest in joining the mentorship program. Students may contact Anna Rainwater with questions or concerns about the program.

Alumni Mentors

For information on becoming a mentor, contact Rita Baines to begin the process. Mentors must submit to a background check before being paired with a student.