Waterloo Tsutsui

Waterloo Tsutsui

2018 - Lecturer and Lab Coordinator


Ph.D., Purdue, 2017


701 W. Stadium Ave.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045

Office: ARMS 3312
Office Phone: (765) 496-2192
Email: wtsutsui@purdue.edu
Webpage: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~wtsutsui/

Other Information



Energy storage systems
Battery design
Multifunctional structures and materials design
Scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)

Professional Appointments/Employment

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Lecturer and Lab Coordinator, 2019–Present
Continuing Lecturer and Lab Coordinator, 2018–2019
Visiting Assistant Professor, 2017–2018
Research Engineer, 2017
Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and Instructor of Record, 2010–2017

Johnson Controls-Saft Advanced Power Solutions LLC, Milwaukee, WI
Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI), Holland, MI
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Team Lead, 2010
Senior Mechanical Engineer, 2008–2010
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer/Launch Manufacturing Engineer, 2005–2008
Manufacturing Engineer, 2000–2005
Quality Engineer, 2000

LuK, Inc., Wooster, OH
Mechanical Engineering Intern, 1999

Denso Manufacturing Michigan, Inc., Battle Creek, MI
Japanese-English Technical Translator, Co-Op, 1997–1999

Professional Registrations

Professional Engineer, Michigan, 6201062341, 2015–Present
Professional Engineer, Indiana, PE11012193, 2010–Present
Professional Engineer, Wisconsin, 40533-6, 2009–Present

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Engineering Teachers Recognition, Purdue, Spring 2019, Summer/Fall 2019 (2)
Favorite Faculty Recognitions, University Residences, Purdue, 2018, 2019 (2)
W.A. Gustafson Award, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue, 2018
Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award, Purdue, 2017
Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching, Purdue, 2016, 2017 (2)
Gerald I. Gilbert Memorial Scholarships, Purdue, 2016, 2017 (2)
Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award, Purdue, 2016
ASEE Distinguished Aerospace Student Paper Award, 2016 ASEE Conference, New Orleans, LA, 2016
Innovator Recognition, Office of Technology Commercialization, Purdue, 2014
AIAA Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Recognition, Purdue, 2013
ASME ECLIPSE Leadership Recognition, Dallas, TX, 2011
JCI Merit Award, Product Launch, JCI Lakeshore, Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada, 2008
JCI Merit Award, Product Launch, Jixiang Automobile Roof Trimming Co. (JARC), Shanghai, China, 2008
JCI Distinguished Recognition, Product Launch, JCI Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, Mexico, 2007
JCI Manufacturing Engineering Special Recognition, JCI Southview, Holland, MI, 2003
JCI Innovation Award, Product Launch, JCI Southview, Holland, MI, 2003
Departmental Outstanding Student Award, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, 2000
Valedictory Addresses, 1994 and 1995 Commencements, Nakanihon Automotive College, Japan, 1994, 1995 (2)
Full-Tuition Scholarships, Nakanihon Automotive College, Japan, 1994, 1995 (2)

Journal Articles

Kim, G., Sterkenburg, R., Tsutsui, W.  Investigating the Effects of Fluid Intrusion on Nomex Honeycomb Sandwich Structures with Carbon Fiber Facesheets.  Composite Structures, 206, 535-549, 2018.

Tsutsui, W., Siegmund, T., Parab, N.D., Liao, H., Nguyen, T.N., Chen, W.  State-of-Charge and Deformation-Rate Dependent Mechanical Behavior of Electrochemical Cells.  Experimental Mechanics, 58(4), 627-632, 2018.

Hudspeth, M., Chu, J.M., Jewell, E., Lim, B.H., Ytuarte, E., Tsutsui, W., Horner, S., Zheng, J., & Chen W.  Effect of Projectile Nose Geometry on the Critical Velocity and Failure of Yarn Subjected to Transverse Impact.  Textile Research Journal, 87(8), 953-972, 2017.

Kukreja, J., Nguyen, T., Siegmund, T., Chen, W., Tsutsui, W., Balakrishnan, K., Liao, H., Parab, N.  Crash Analysis of a Conceptual Electric Vehicle with a Damage Tolerant Battery Pack.  Extreme Mechanics Letters, 9(3), 371-378, 2016.

Nguyen, T., Siegmund, T., Tsutsui, W., Liao, H., Chen, W.  Bi-objective Optimal Design of a Damage-Tolerant Multifunctional Battery System.  Materials & Design, 105, 51-65, 2016.

Tsutsui, W., Nguyen, T., Liao, H., Parab, N., Kukreja, J., Siegmund, T., & Chen, W.  Mechanical Energy Dissipation in a Multifunctional Battery System.  MRS Advances, 1(6), 381-388, 2016.

Conference Proceedings

Tsutsui, W., Lopez, R.D., Coutinho, G.S., Mello, A.W., Sangid, M.D., & Moore, T.J.  The Implementation of Virtual Labs in Aerospace Structures Education.  2020 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference, 2020.

Paulson, S.C., Hossain, M., Tsutsui, W., Liao, H., Bouman, C., & Chen, W.  In-Situ Flash X-ray Tomography of Low-Strength Mortar Concrete Subjected to Low Velocity Impact.  DYMAT Winter School 2020, Grenoble, France, 2020.

Tsutsui, W. & Loui, M.C.  The Impact of Supervised Homework Sessions and SAT-Math Scores on Academic Performance in an Advanced Undergraduate Course.  2016 Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference, Erie, PA, 2016.

Tsutsui, W. & Loui, M.C.  The Effectiveness of Weekly Supervised Homework Sessions in an Aerospace Structural Mechanics Course.  2016 ASEE Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, 2016.

Raghunathan, N., Tsutsui, W., Chen, W., & Peroulis, D.  A Single Crystal Silicon Low-g Switch Tolerant to Impact Accelerations up to 24,000 G.  Transducers 2015, Anchorage, AK, 2015.

Tsutsui, W., Raghunathan, N., Chen, W., & Peroulis, D.  Testing Techniques for Shock Accelerometers below 10,000 G.  Proceedings of the 2013 SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Lombard, IL, 2013.

Feldhoff, J. F., Hoffmann, C., Huebner, S., Kammesheidt, J. O., Kilbane, M., Kulik, J., Pilli, S., Schubert, F., Tsutsui, W., & Tung, C.  Shaping Our Future with Sustainable Energy:  A Direction from Young Engineers.  2012 ASME 6th International Conference on Energy Sustainability, San Diego, CA. 2012.

Granted Patents

Impact Resistant Battery Enclosure Systems
US 10388926 B2, U.S. Patent, 2019
US 9806306 B2, U.S. Patent, 2017

Current Interrupt Devices, Methods Thereof, and Battery Assemblies Manufactured Therewith
US 10128486 B2, U.S. Patent, 2018

Vent for Electrochemical Cell
EP 2419946 B1, European Patent, 2016
CN 102449808 B, Chinese Patent, 2015
US 8945740 B2, U.S. Patent, 2015

Current Collector for an Electromechanical Cell
US 8679678 B2, U.S. Patent, 2014

Current Collector for an Electrochemical Cell
US 9496557 B2, U.S. Patent, 2016
EP 2347461 B1, European Patent, 2016
CN 102217116 B, Chinese Patent, 2015
US 8263246 B2, U.S. Patent, 2012

(Co-Inventors of Patents and Patent Applications: Bonin, C.M., Bowen, G.K., Chen, W.W., De Keuster, R.M., Deng, J., Dinkleman, J.P., Dougherty, T.J., Feng, Y., Fuhr, J.D., Houchin-Miller, G.P., Liao, H., Marinero, E.E., Nguyen, T.D., Nguyen, T.N., Obasih, K., Robert, B.J., Short, M.T., Siegmund, T.H., Williams, A.J., & Zhang, X.)

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