Dengfeng Sun

Dengfeng Sun

Fall 2009 - Associate Professor


B.Eng., Tsinghua University, Precision Instruments and Mechanology, 2000
M.S., The Ohio State University, Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2002
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, Civil Engineering, 2008


701 W. Stadium Ave.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045

Office: ARMS 3217
Office Phone: +1 765 49-45718


Modeling, simulation and optimization of large scale networked systems
Control and optimization
Studies for National Airspace Systems
Air traffic control
Intelligent Transportation Systems

Research Areas

My research areas include air traffic control, strategic traffic flow management, dynamic airspace configuration, and studies for Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen).

I am interested in mathematical modeling and control of physical networked dynamical systems. Constraints are inherent to physical problems, yet they often make mathematical formulations hard to solve. I am interested in developing algorithms to solve these constrained optimization problems, in particular, algorithms to solve large scale problems that were beyond the reach of standard techniques. With an emphasis on aerospace engineering, I am interested in advancing the state of science in modeling and solution of stochastic, dynamic air traffic flow management problems, helping define and build the NextGen traffic flow management vision, philosophy, and architecture.

I am also interested in implementing my algorithms on real-time platforms and building toolkits (software) for decision support. For air traffic control, the long term goal of the toolkit is the partial automation of some functions currently performed by humans, with the objective of improving safety and performance while easing workload.


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Conference Proceedings, Presentations, Invited Lectures

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