Welcome to the Purdue UAS Research and Test Facility (PURT)

The Purdue UAS Research and Test facility houses the largest indoor motion-capture environment in the world with an area of 20,000 sq ft and a ceiling 30 ft high. The motion-capture system provides ground truth data for algorithm development and enables virtual and augmented reality. The virtual and augmented reality utilizes the position and attitude data from the motion capture system to stream video to both autonomous vehicles and humans wearing virtual reality headsets in the facility. The video sent to the vehicles and humans in the facility can have hardware accelerated virtual images overlaid on the raw camera stream. The accuracy of positioning in the facility is on the order of a millimeter and the accuracy of the attitude is approximately 0.1 degrees for typical UAS configurations, which is significantly lower than commercially available virtual reality equipment and with a much larger volume. The system consists of 60 Oqus 7+ motion capture cameras that can capture at 300 frames/sec at 12 megapixels resolution, or at 1100 frames/sec at 3 megapixels resolution. A large portion of the cameras are reconfigurable on tripods and the dual capture rate and resolution make this facility's capabilities unique. The size of the facility is critical for supporting high speed flight of rotary and fixed-wing UAS that previously could not be adequately studied in a motion-capture environment. Also, the size of the facility and resolution of the cameras accommodates large aerial vehicle swarms.