Terrence Weisshaar

Terrence A. Weisshaar

1980 - Professor Emeritus


Ph.D., Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University, January 1971.
S.M., Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, August 1966.
B.S. (Highest Distinction), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, June 1965.


Office Fax: +1 765-494-0307
Email: weisshaar@purdue.edu


Aircraft structural mechanics
Integrated Design

Awards and Major Appointments

AIAA Fellow

The Department of Defense Outstanding Achievement Award (August 2006) to recognize his efforts in developing morphing air vehicles for the U.S. military.

The AIAA Structural Dynamics and Materials Award (April 2005)

Research Areas

Primary research areas include optimization of structural concepts for smart aeroelastic structures and efficient multidisciplinary design. Currently, two primary areas are of interest:

  • Aeroelastic tailoring and active flexible wings. This includes using conventional articulated surfaces such as ailerons and leading edge devices for roll control, as well as using smart materials to change the camber of advanced wing concepts for aircraft control. Objectives also include aeroelastic design for reduced drag and optimization of smart wing flutter suppression systems for micro-air vehicles. We are also developing innovative techniques with advanced composite structure design to find optimal designs and reduce time to develop new concepts.

  • Design methodology. - developing new methods and algorithms to improve the ability of a design team to generate innovative, creative concepts for aerospace vehicles. This includes examining how the external aerodynamic and internal structural topology of lifting surfaces can be addressed simultaneously in the design process. This also includes introducing manufacturing concerns and decisions early in the design process and creating, through the early use of finite element models, more feed-forward/feed-back paths.

We have been examining how to use new modeling software to generate and present accurate, useful information to designers by displaying load paths and theoretically optimal designs. This leads to an improved conceptual design process for airplane structures that begins with a few participants and quickly proceeds to a high level with diverse technical groups represented. We are involved in the creation of an object-oriented system, using Adaptive Modeling Language (AML), to provide a natural, integrated, virtual environment for modeling, linking and simulating the aircraft design process from its earliest conceptual phase into preliminary design. When completed, this system will allow an integrated product team access to a virtual environment that scientifically simulates the iterative, collaborative process required to design an airplane in a short amount of time.


Books and Book Chapters
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Journal Articles
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Conference Proceedings, Presentations, Invited Lectures

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